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domingo, 12 de agosto de 2018

Report: ‘Pretty Woman’ star Richard Gere considering congressional run in New York

Could another celebrity be venturing into politics?

Rumor has it that Richard Gere, an actor best known for his role as Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman, may be looking to make a congressional run out of New York as a Democrat.

“We’ll see what he’s made of”

Just two days after publishing an article alleging that the 68-year-old Gere is expecting a child with his 35-year-old wife Alejandra Silva, PageSix reported on Thursday that Gere is being floated by Democrats as a potential congressional candidate.

“Richard Gere’s name is being whispered about among Democrats,” Mayor Joe DeStefano of Middletown, NY, told PageSix. “We’ll see what he’s made of.”

The Democratic mayor, who is a major influence in the district Gere would be running in, went on to say that his wife, Linda, is very excited about the possibility.

“She met him when she attended NYU [New York University],” DeStefano said. “She said he’s a nice guy.”

“A Democrat to kill the Trump agenda”

The idea is apparently to have Gere run as a Democrat for the 18th Congressional District of New York, which includes Pound Ridge, Westchester, where Gere owns a home. But there is no guarantee that the seat will be vacant; the district is currently represented by Sean Patrick Maloney, who is running for state attorney general in a race that won’t be decided until September.

If Maloney loses his bid for attorney general, he is expected to maintain his House seat.

Additionally, just last year, Gere denied having any interest in politics in an exclusive interview with CNN.

“There’s not even a speck of me that goes, ‘Boy, I’d really want to be a politician.’ I have no interest. None. Zero,” Gere said. “It’s really easy speaking from here. I don’t have to compromise with anything. The realm of politics is, every day, every moment, is compromising somehow. I don’t have the patience for it. There’s no way.”

And DeStefano said his real goal has nothing to do with Gere personally, telling interviewers: “The bottom line is I want to elect a Democrat to kill the Trump agenda.”

Gere has yet to respond to the most recent rumors.

“Richard is real fun”

A registered Democrat, Gere is known for his activism, particularly in fighting human rights violations in Chinese-held Tibet, a cause that has reportedly cost the star some entertainment roles. He is also behind several nonprofit organizations, including the International Campaign for Tibet and the Gere Foundation in New York.

Other than that, much of Gere’s political values are unclear, though Ellen Kearns, assistant secretary of the Westchester County Democratic Party, said that Gere has been active locally.

“Richard is real fun,” Kearns said. “On Election Day, he comes up to each election inspector and personally thanks us for our work.”

Only time will tell if Gere really is interested in running for office, but one thing is for certain: whoever does run has their work cut out for them. With President Donald Trump’s approval ratings on the rise, it’s doubtful that the Democrats’ famed “Blue Wave” will hit American shores this fall.