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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2018

Melania Trump’s parents take oath to become American citizens

First Lady Melania Trump’s parents have become United States citizens.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs swore an oath of citizenship in New York on Thursday, according to their lawyer, the Associated Press reported. The couple is from Slovenia, where Melania was born and raised.

Melania’s parents become U.S. citizens

The couple had been living as lawful permanent residents before being sworn in at a private ceremony at a federal building in Manhattan. Accompanied by Homeland Security guards, the couple quietly entered and exited the Jacob K. Javitz building to take the oath and said little, according to the AP.

When asked about how he felt about becoming an American, Viktor simply told reporters, “thank you.”

The couple had been spotted with their immigration lawyer in May at a federal building complex in Manhattan that houses immigration officials. The Washington Post had reported in February that they had gotten green cards and were on the path to naturalization.

Melania, who is vacationing with the president in Bedminster, New Jersey, was not present. Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, would not comment on Melania’s parents because they are not part of the Trump administration.

The couple met in Slovenia 1966 in the rural town of Sevnica, Melania’s hometown, when the country was controlled by communists. Viktor is 74; Amalija is 73.

Chain migration controversy

Some allege that Melania’s parents took advantage of a process called family reunification, or “chain migration.” President Trump has himself said that chain migration is a problem, leaving liberals to accuse President Trump of hypocrisy.

President Trump has suggested making reforms to the immigration process that would likely reduce the number of legal migrants, such as replacing non-merit based systems of migration like chain migration and the so-called visa lottery with a skills-based process. He reiterated his support for curbing legal migration at a recent rally in Pennsylvania, saying that migrants should only be able to sponsor underage children and spouses, but not parents or adult children.

Lawyer Michael Wildes said that Melania had sponsored her parents’ green cards, but that they applied for citizenship on their own and did not get any special favors in the naturalization process. He called their naturalization an “example of going it right.”

Contrary to the liberals shouting, “gotcha!”, it’s not hypocritical for migrants to follow the currently existing lawful process. President Trump has simply suggested changing the system to keep terrorists and criminals out, like the Uzbekistani visa lottery winner who ran over pedestrians in New York last October. Those are perfectly legitimate concerns.

Good for Melania’s family. They came here the legal way. That’s the way it should be done.