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viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

WATCH: Cops Soak ICE Protesters with Pepper Spray Can So Big It Looks Like Anti-Bear Spray

The political left has shifted their opposition to the enforcement of immigration laws and support for “open borders” in a rather extreme direction — the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

While elected Democrats put forward legislation and liberal cable news pundits echo those calls, leftist activists on the streets have already tried to “abolish ICE” with physical actions.

Indeed, ICE agents simply doing their jobs have been faced with mobs of angry leftists attempting to obstruct them in their normal duties while protesting their every action, no matter how mundane or necessary.

A rather visceral example of this was on display in Portland, Oregon, as anti-ICE protesters attempting to cordon off and block an ICE facility were dispersed by federal agents in riot gear armed with a huge can of pepper spray, air guns firing pepper balls and tasers.

Caution: Explicit language.

According to KOIN, eight of the protesters were arrested Wednesday morning outside the ICE facility in Southwest Portland after they tried to block a transport van from leaving the facility.

Once the line formed by the protesters had been broken, other agents stepped in with their massive cans of pepper spray, rapid-firing pepper ball guns and tasers to keep other protesters and onlookers from interfering with the agents in the process of arresting the protesters who had been blocking the driveway.

One agent who was equipped with a massive spray can enveloped encroaching protesters in an orange cloud of irritants while another agent armed with a pepper ball gun unloaded on protesters with multiple shots at close range in an effort to clear room for his fellow agents making arrests.

That portion of the incident can be seen right here.

Again, caution: Some explicit language.

Officers pepper spray protesters

WATCH: Federal officers pepper spray protesters at the ICE facility in SW Portland. More: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Posted by KOIN 6 on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

KOIN reported that some of the protesters are believed to have been throwing objects at the federal agents, and noted that the protesters had been warned ahead of time that they would be arrested if they attempted to block the driveway of the ICE facility.

The protesters did so despite the advanced warning, and the arrested individuals were taken inside the building to be processed by the law enforcement agency. At least one of the arrested protesters was released later in the afternoon.

This particular group of protesters initially attempted to block the ICE facility for nearly a week around June 28 prior to being broken up by federal agents. They have since been camped out near the facility and protest the agents as they come and go on a daily basis.

A handful of protesters have been arrested on previous days and at least two federal officers were “assaulted” in some form and suffered minor injuries by those protesters.

If the left really wants to proceed with calls to abolish the ICE agency, that is certainly their prerogative, but that is a position that has minimal support among the vast majority of law-abiding American citizens who simply want to see the laws of the land being enforced in an equal and just manner.

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