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lunes, 2 de abril de 2018

Republican strategist says ‘storm’ is coming for Trump: ‘Get good legal help now’

A Republican strategist has warned that a “storm” is coming for President Donald Trump, and that the president needs to prepare now.

Alex Castellanos told ABC’s This Week on Sunday that Trump could be in trouble if Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds evidence that Democrats could use to impeach him if they retake the House in November. According to Castellanos, Trump had better “get good legal help now.”

While the warning seems to have been in good faith, recent polling shows that the Democrats’ advantage on ballots across the country is slipping — and Mueller has yet to find anything impeachable about Trump’s finances or his contacts with Russia.

“Storm” brewing for Trump

Castellanos warned on Sunday that Mueller will likely find something impeachable in Trump’s financial history.

“It’s hard to believe that somebody like Donald Trump, who has flaunted his weight in business success, that Robert Mueller is not going to dig up something in Trump’s complicated financial history to say, ‘Look, the president of the U.S. did this and it was wrong,'” Castellanos said. His warning comes as Robert Mueller continues to dig through the contacts between Trump’s campaign and transition team and Russia.

Trump has said he is willing to sit down for an interview with Mueller, but legal experts see such an interview as a potential minefield, as any misstatement on Trump’s part could result in a perjury charge. Amid disagreements over this, the president has seen a shuffle in his legal counsel in recent weeks, with top lawyer John Dowd — who advised Trump to avoid an interview with Mueller — resigning in March.

“It’s hard to believe then when Republicans lose the House in 2018, maybe by 40 or 50 seats, that the House is not going to impeach him,” Casetellanos continued. “And it’s also hard to believe the U.S. Senate that’s going to be scared to death, though may still be in Republican hands, is not going to take a serious look when it has to deal with this president.”

He finished by warning Trump: “Get good legal help now, because a storm is coming.”


Are these substantial predictions, or just hot air from somebody hoping for Trump to fail? So far, Mueller has yet to indict Trump for either obstruction of the Russia investigation or a business-related crime, though the special counsel has indicted 19 individuals and 3 companies with various charges related to Russia collusion. An expanded probe into Trump’s business dealings has similarly come up short.

Adding further skepticism to Castellano’s warning, the strategist has criticized Trump in the past: he said in 2017 that he thought “we’re closer to impeachment than we think.” But another year has since passed, and still we haven’t seen Trump charged with anything.

Castellano’s prediction also rests on the assumption that Republicans will lose the House, but midterms are still months away — plenty of time for Trump and the GOP to turn things around. Recent polling shows the Democrats’ double-digit lead is slipping in the generic congressional ballot, as well.

President Trump shouldn’t let the doom-saying of one strategist get to him, but he would be smart to get a good team of lawyers together. Trump likes to follow his instincts, and that seems to have worked out for him pretty well so far.