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lunes, 2 de abril de 2018

Jeb Bush strikes a low blow at Trump’s family: My children ‘actually love me’

After getting humiliated by Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries, Jeb! is struggling to stay relevant. The failed presidential candidate showed what a big man he is by attacking Trump’s 12-year old son, Barron, at an event on “restoring American conservatism” at Yale on Tuesday. 

Jeb! attacks Barron

Jeb Bush gave a lecture at Yale on Tuesday, where he worked through his hurt feelings over the 2016 presidential election. He called for more polite discourse in politics, only to poke fun at the president’s 12-year-old son in the next breath.

The Yale student newspaper reported:

Bush said that after the 2016 Republican primary in South Carolina, he returned home to children who “actually love me.” His comment was met with raucous laughter from the crowd, and several audience members interviewed after the event said they interpreted Bush’s comment as a jab at Trump.

Jeb Bush might have lost the presidential election, but at least he’s winning the approval of the people who really matter: Trump-hating, elite college students.

DJT, Eric hit back

Donald Trump Jr. hit back at Jeb on Twitter for his weak insults, reminding the former Florida governor of how badly he lost to Trump, who had no political experience before entering the race and upending the course of American history. “Jeb! I love everything about my father,” Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday. “I love that he’s a fighter, I love that he has guts, I love that he’s President (all those things you’re not).”

“Also love that he learned enough about politics in a few weeks to dismantle you piece by piece despite it being your life’s work,” Trump Jr. continued. Eric Trump also came to his father’s defense, poking fun at Jeb over his infamous “please clap” comment. “.@JebBush I actually love my father very much. #PleaseClap.”

A Bush spokesperson immediately walked back the comment, saying it was not meant to target Trump or his kids. “Governor Bush’s comments were reported incorrectly. His comments were unrelated to the president or his family,” Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told Fox News.

Jeb: Conservatism needs more RINO losers

The weakness of Jeb’s insults and his half-baked retraction is just what we’ve come to expect from him and the RINOs like him. GOP voters rejected the weak, compromising politics of figures like Jeb when they voted for Trump.

It was Trump’s hard-hitting, unapologetic style that led him to victory. But Jeb thinks we need more of the self-flagellation that worked out for him so well in 2016. The student paper reported:

At one point, Bush described the current president as “Republican in basically name only.”

Trump’s not a real Republican like Jeb. Real Republicans lose elections.

Jeb is under the impression that he is some kind of spokesperson for the GOP, but he’s not. His influence ran dry when he dropped out of the primary.

President Trump’s politics may sometimes differ from establishment expectations, but his uncompromising stance won Trump the election and made him the standard-bearer of a new political movement.

The weakness of Jeb’s insults shows that he hasn’t changed on the inside. Still smarting from his loss, all Jeb can do is rail against Trump from the cheap seats. Sad!