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lunes, 9 de abril de 2018

Donald Rips Into Barack, Claims Obama Is Responsible For Latest Tragedy

If there’s one person in this world who draws a line in the sand, it’s Donald Trump.

Our President isn’t about to let anyone get away with anything. And that’s why he makes for such a bold and powerful leader.

On the flip side, liberal leaders like Barack Obama don’t really believe in hard-lines stances against anything.

And perhaps as a result of that inability to lead, dozens of innocents perished over the weekend.

If you hadn’t heard, reports have emerged of a chemical weapons attack by Syria against the town of Douma on Sunday.

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad appears to be at the core of this tragedy and Trump immediately lashed out.

First, the President jumped on Twitter and blamed Russia and Iran for supporting al-Assad:

This is pretty strong, especially considering Trump’s recent promise to try to cooperate with Russia and Putin.

But that’s only part of the explanation for Syria’s misdeeds, according to our President. There’s someone else to blame, too:

That’s right, if Obama had simply taken a hard-nosed stand on such matters, tragedies like the one that just happened over the weekend could’ve been avoided.

See, Obama announced a “red line” on Syria’s chemical weapons in 2012 but like most liberals making rules, he never bothered to enforce it.

The Obama administration had an agreement with Russia, which should’ve resulted in the removal of all of Assad’s chemical weapons. And yet, here we are.

More people are dead, and mainly because previous (and possibly current) leaders did nothing.

Well, at least Trump is in office now, and if he tells America he’s going to clamp down on Syria – or anything else, in fact – he’s going to do it.

And that’s one of the main reasons we voted for him: a leader with a backbone is what this country desperately needed!

Source: Breitbart

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