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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

Well Color Me Surprised: Stormy’s Lawyer Says the Words We’ve All Been Waiting to Hear

Maybe President Trump slept with Stormy Daniels. Maybe he didn’t. Who really cares? We all knew who Trump was when we went to the polls and if it didn’t matter then why should it matter now?

This whole situation is about money. Don’t think otherwise for a second. Stormy Daniels wants to make money on a book, or a TV show, or something of that nature. That’s not disparaging her in any way. It’s the truth.

If you aren’t convinced, check out what her lawyer just said.

From BizPac Review:

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, said on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday that his client would be willing to accept a settlement in her lawsuit, which seeks to void a 2016 nondisclosure agreement regarding her alleged affair with President Trump.

“If they came to you with a settlement in this case, would you accept it?” co-host Anthony Mason asked.

“I think we would consider it, I would converse with my client,” Avanatti replied. “It would depend on the terms of a settlement. But at this point, I don’t see how the case gets resolved short of the truth coming out.”

Gee, that’s weird. After all of this hype and nonsense, Stormy is willing to just take a payday and go away? Who would have ever guessed?

Here’s the latest Stormy news.

From ABC News:

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer has filed a motion in U.S. District Court to depose Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer who admitted to paying the adult-film star $130,000 less than two weeks before the 2016 election.

Michael Avenatti, on behalf of Stephanie Clifford, whose professional name is Stormy Daniels, is seeking to depose Trump and Cohen each for “no greater than two hours,” according to the court document.

Cohen’s lawyer dismissed the court motion as “reckless.”

Only liberals care about this story and it’s very strange that they do. It’s not news that Trump has a not so perfect past when it comes to his personal life. We’ve known this for literally decades.

Not only that, this whole situation is actually helping his poll numbers.

From The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s approval rating is trending upwards, according to a Tuesday CNN poll, despite adult film star Stormy Daniels’ allegations of an alleged affair between her and Trump.

The Tuesday CNN poll showed 42 percent approve of the way Trump is handling the presidency, which is up seven points since February. The rising numbers include a six-point increases among Republicans as well as Independents, with 86 percent of Republicans and 41 percent Independents approving of Trump’s job as president, according to the poll.

The results come two days after Daniels sat down with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” Sunday to discuss her alleged affair with Trump, detailing that she and the president had consensual sex while he was married back in 2006.

Democrats really don’t understand that they help Trump when they freak out over irrelevant things. Mind-boggling.

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