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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

Video: Vicious and threatening signs flaunted at anti-gun rally

This is just sick.

A video posted by Gun Owners of America shows a disturbing sign at the #MarchForOurLives gun grabbing rally in Washington that called to “send Barron to Parkland.” The threatening sign shows a silhouette of a child in cross-hairs.

The left has been smearing conservatives as callous monsters who just want kids to die – but maybe they should look in the mirror.

Wanting to defend yourself and your family doesn’t mean you want innocent people to die.

The gun grabbers actually think that law-abiding gun owners want to see kids get killed – as if the only way to save lives is to give up your freedom.

This mentality makes no sense, and it’s low.

Watch the video here (The sign appears at the 0:24 second mark):

Gun control sign threatens Barron Trump

2nd Amendment supporters have been treated to some truly toxic and imbecilic gun control signs recently, but this one takes the cake for its vile, threatening message.

A video posted by Gunowners of America shows a sign that read, “Send Barron to Parkland” with a depiction of a child’s silhouette in cross-hairs.

This must be the liberal love and tolerance we’ve heard so much about.


Gun control advocates are spreading the message that you either want to ban guns or don’t care about kids’ lives. It’s not a political issue, we’re told, but a moral one. Not wanting to ban guns means you’re a bad person. Ban guns, save lives. So simple!

We saw this recently when gun grabbers slandered Marco Rubio and all Catholics who dissent from their liberal interpretation of the faith. Apparently, wanting to be free and able to protect your own family means you don’t care if kids get shot.

Vile protesters depicted Rubio with a bloody cross on his head and disparaged him as a “kid killer” who has “blood on his hands” for not surrendering to the left’s demands.

This rhetoric is toxic and simply dumb. The gun issue isn’t that simple.

Ban all guns

The shot of the Barron Trump sign comes from a video by Gun Owners of America. The gun rights’ group took to the streets to see how gun grabbers in the #MarchForOurLives in Washington feel about gun control.

Unsurprisingly, they were met with the hostility and extreme, unreasonable demands we’ve come to expect from the promoters of the gun control agenda. Several of the people interviewed candidly admitted that they’d like to see a ban on “assault rifles”, “military-grade weapons”, and of course, all guns.

The same people who call for demilitarizing the police apparently also think that only the police and military should have guns.

With millions of guns in circulation, though, it’s unlikely that confiscation will ever happen.

America loves guns. Three-in-four gun-owners say that owning guns is essential to their freedom. A majority of Americans say most people should be able to own guns.

Maybe this is the real reason why the left gets so outraged about guns: it’s one political battle that they consistently lose. They’re used to winning on other issues, but their efforts to disenfranchise gun owners have been largely unsuccessful. Too bad, so sad.