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viernes, 23 de marzo de 2018

Rush Limbaugh accuses Rod Rosenstein of exonerating Hillary Clinton in Whitewater scandal

In 2017, the Democrats successfully lobbied Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation into alleged Russian interference because of his ties to the Donald Trump campaign and a pair of short, chance encounters he had with a Russian diplomat. As a result, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was tapped to replace Sessions, and oversee the special counsel’s investigation into allegations that Trump colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential race.

However, it turns out that — with Rosenstein’s blessing — Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has since evolved into an unrestrained “fishing expedition” desperately searching for any misconduct to discredit the Trump administration — and syndicated conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh knows exactly why. On the Tuesday broadcast of his radio program, Limbaugh pointed out Rosenstein’s scurrilous ties to the Clinton family and accused the deputy AG of “clearing Hillary” Clinton in the Whitewater scandal.

Friends in low places

In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton relied upon her friends in Washington to exonerate her for disseminating classified information over an unauthorized personal server.

Americans have since learned that FBI Director James Comey drafted a memo pardoning Clinton months before interviewing as many as 16 key witnesses in the case — including the prime suspect herself.

Additionally, an email intercepted between disgraced FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page indicated that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew in advance that Clinton would be pardoned — perhaps explaining the motive behind a mysterious Phoenix, Arizona tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch days before the exoneration was formally announced.

Hillary Clinton’s troubling email server usage was not the only scandal from which she escaped unscathed. Clinton received a similar treatment from federal investigators and prosecutors during the various scandals that emerged during independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s long-running Whitewater investigation in the 90’s.

Limbaugh explained Rosenstein’s ties to this probe in his recent program:

It turns out that Rosenstein worked as a Whitewater prosecutor. … This guy was on the prosecution team of Whitewater, which, of course, found the Clintons had done nothing… I mean, you talk about incestuous.

Rosenstein himself interrogated Hillary Clinton on Jan. 14, 1998, in a speedy interview that lasted just 15 minutes. Later, he was appointed by former President Bill Clinton to work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland.

The truth comes out

Rosenstein’s wife also has connections to the Clintons, Limbaugh explained:

Rosenstein’s wife then represented Bill Clinton shortly after Rod Rosenstein cleared Hillary in the Whitewater thing.

Rosenstein’s wife is Lisa Barsoomian, and she represented then-President Bill Clinton in a 1998-99 civil case in federal court.

Barsoomian represented Clinton in a civil case filed by Wyoming candidate and political activist Al Hamburg, filed just months after Rosenstein’s interview of the first lady.

“Washington hillbillies”

Limbaugh says these intimate political ties should disqualify Rosenstein from overseeing the special counsel investigation. He concluded:

In a way, Washington is like the hillbillies in the mountains. Everybody’s related to everybody. It’s a gigantic revolving door, and they all know each other, and they all work or are married to each other, and they work for the same people over and over and over again.

And this to me is further evidence why this guy, Rosenstein, ought not have any role in the Trump administration at all because the Trump administration is there to drain the swamp, not to promote it.

With Rosenstein in charge of Mueller, a partisan, Clinton loyalist has allowed the special counsel’s investigation to extend far beyond its original mandate of exploring Russia’s ties to the Trump team. Limbaugh noted, “Justice Department regulations require that a crime be named and that that is what the special counsel shall pursue,” although it appears that Mueller has been awarded “free rein” to explore Trump’s business relationships and his ties to just about everyone.

Limbaugh also argued that if the special counsel “encounters something else that is not within the purview of the crime being investigated, he’s gotta go back to the person that appointed him and seek permission to add this newly discovered crime to the investigation.”

However, the conservative pundit observed, “None of that has happened. Mueller has been given free rein by Rod Rosenstein.”