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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

Report: Megyn Kelly blamed for low ratings on NBC’s ‘Today’ show

Since Megyn Kelly joined NBC’s Today show last year, the program’s ratings have suffered — and according to insiders, it may be Kelly that is to blame.

Kelly has reportedly clashed with fellow Today co-stars, and introduced a toxic work culture that has staff wringing their hands.

The former Fox News star’s segment of the show has independently suffered from poor ratings since premiering in September. But according to NBC sources, Kelly’s inauthentic image and problematic off-screen behavior are tanking the whole brand.

Today show hell”

It has been six months since Kelly joined NBC’s Today, and things haven’t been going well.

And according to NBC insiders, Kelly’s difficult personality is to blame. A source told In Touch:

Megyn is downright antisocial, standoffish, and arrogant. Her whole team, from producers on down to assistants, have established a reign of terror from day one. They’ve turned the workplace into a Today show hell.

Kelly is reportedly upset about the show’s lackluster ratings and envious of her veteran co-stars. Her whole team has brought a chilling effect to the show’s usually cheery atmosphere, the source said, and Kelly’s co-stars Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Kathie Lee Gifford reportedly want her gone.

A source told Life & Style magazine that Kotb doesn’t care for Kelly’s steely personality:

The atmosphere between the two is beyond frosty. They are staying as far away as possible from each other. Hoda is not the kind of person who talks behind people’s backs, but there is plenty of eye rolling and she’s made comments about Megyn like, ‘I get more warmth from an iceberg.’

“Abusive work culture”

The toxic culture at Today after Kelly’s addition has been the topic of celebrity gossip headlines for some time now, but those who have complained about the work environment — like former Today writer Kevin Bleyer — have apparently been punished. Bleyer was fired after complaining to NBC’s executives about the show’s abusive work culture, though did not blame Kelly specifically in the complaint.

“Jackie Levin persists in creating a toxic and demeaning environment, and Christine Cataldi enables and reinforces it,” Bleyer wrote in a leaked email. “Just last week, when I provided a constructive suggestion (to correct a mistake Jackie had made but didn’t want to admit), she called me a ‘f*****g whiner.'”

Make-up artist Irene Halperin, who worked with Kelly at Fox News, corroborated the horror stories about the once-popular host. Halperin said she asked to be assigned to a different anchor after she’d had enough of Kelly’s bullying behavior.

“I wasn’t the first person she treated this way, and there were other people after me,” she told In Touch earlier this month. “If you do something that upsets her, she’ll turn around and try to get you.”

Halperin also noted that Kelly isn’t as kind to women as she would like to appear.

“She’s not for women,” Halperin told The New York Post. “She’s extremely mean and rude to women.”

“Bringing down the entire brand”

With that, it seems the result of Kelly’s addition to Today has been a net negative. “Megyn’s ratings are bringing down the entire brand,” a source told Life & Style last fall.

Ratings for Kelly’s show have dived since her debut, and the low-ratings creep has even affected her co-stars. Kelly’s hour was down 32 percent from a year ago in October, while “Kathie Lee & Hoda” was down 26 percent.

Inauthentic and cold?

This drop has been attributed to Kelly’s personality, which some say comes across as cold and inauthentic to target viewers.

“Megyn just doesn’t come across to the viewers as authentic,” another source said.

Kelly is apparently struggling to attract celebrity guests, as well.

“Megyn hasn’t been able to book any big-name stars that haven’t been on Today during the first two hours,” a source told In Touch. “Hollywood hasn’t exactly put the welcome mat out for her. Megyn has left a lot of people cold.”

Between Matt Lauer’s sudden departure and Megyn Kelly dragging the brand down, NBC has been through some rough patches. And if Kelly keeps on at this rate, it might not be long before she’s out of a job.