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sábado, 24 de marzo de 2018

Media Bias Alert: Journalists obsess over Melania Trump’s travel plans, body language

The liberal media calls them “subtle signals” from the first lady, and tabloid hypercritics posing as objective journalists insist that, “There are no coincidences with Melania Trump.” This is how the left succeeds at assigning significance to the most mundane and trivial actions from the first lady.

“She’s different,” CNN’s Kate Bennett observed before questioning Trump’s decision to meet her husband at Andrews Air Force Base rather than “make the walk across the [White House] South Lawn to Marine One with the president.” To Bennett and a new class of subjective journalists who craft and shape the story to fit their political agenda, there can be no other explanation to justify the first lady’s travel plans than the presumptive theory that she is feuding with her husband.

Tabloid Fever

Democrats have been obsessed with scrutinizing every last detail of the first lady’s behavior during these short walks with the president to a waiting Chinook helicopter which routinely ferries the couple to the airport.

When Mr. Trump reached for his wife’s hand while on his way to a tax reform rally in Ohio this February, he grabbed a handful of Melania’s empty coat instead because she wore the jacket slung over her shoulders with her arms free. This fact escaped the notice of the mainstream press, who reported that the first lady purposefully snubbed the president in retaliation for his affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels — 12 years earlier.

At an airport ceremony in Israel and during the couple’s return trip from that same Ohio rally, the media continued their wild speculation, insisting that Melania refused to hold her husband’s hand. Just days ago, the Trumps held each other as they walked across the South Lawn, and the president pulled his wife closer as she briefly stumbled.

However, the British tabloid the Mirror wrote that, “Donald Trump’s reaction to Melania’s stumble ‘may reveal true feelings,” deciphering oversized meaning from the innocent gesture.

The sordid mudslinging continued this week as Bennet reported:

Now we’re seeing her not make the walk across the South Lawn to Marine One with the president. She’s instead meeting him at Andrews.

In over her head

While earlier media speculation was inspired by reports that Daniels received $130,000 from Trump campaign lawyers to remain silent about a 2006 adulterous affair with the president, the latest conjecture regarding their marriage was inspired by new claims from former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Bennett guessed that McDougal’s allegations were a “gut-punch” to the first lady. “It was knowing that perhaps she was in the apartment, that there was a picture of them together.” The CNN reporter assumed that this news was so disheartening to Trump that it affected her ability to perform at an upcoming speaking engagement.

Despite admitting that her speech at the “Women of Courage Awards” was prepared well in advance of the latest adultery accusations against her husband, Bennett still claimed that “it feels a little more telling today.” Trump certainly practices what she preached in her speech by showing courage under fire (and fury) — from the press, the left, and even from disparaging actors and athletes — yet CNN only sees her stirring show of strength in the “ironic” context of her husband’s alleged marital indiscretions.

For the left, Melania has always been described as a woman who is in over her head, who doesn’t want to job of first lady, and who is disgusted by her cheating husband. Consequently, any words or behavior that fit this narrative will be magnified by reporters attempted to confirm their overly simplistic suspicions of the Trumps’ relationship.

Bennett assumes that Melania can’t handle the pressures of public service. “This has been a busy week for Melania Trump. She’s had three events which is rare for her — three speaking engagements.”

The CNN journalist continued, “This isn’t necessarily what she signed up for. It’s that strange job with no salary and no defined role,” Bennett explained, arguing that the foreign-born woman is overwhelmed by American political culture.

The left will continue attaching overblown significance to Melania Trump’s every word and deed. Lacking a story, they create one, capitalizing on every stumble, every out-of-place strand of hair to confirm their account of a marriage that is on the rocks.