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sábado, 31 de marzo de 2018

Kathy Griffin to Play Kellyanne Conway in Comedy Central Special

Virulently anti-President Donald Trump comedienne Kathy Griffin is set to play White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway in an upcoming President Show special for Comedy Central.
The special, called Make America Great-A-Thon: A President Show Special, will air on Tuesday, April 3, at 11 pm Eastern, The New York Times reported.

The show will be presented as a faux telethon hosted by President Show star Anthony Atamanuik as President Trump in an effort “to raise money for all of the projects he can’t get anyone in Congress to fund – like the wall and infrastructure” and to pay off those “mouthy porn stars [who] aren’t going to pay themselves off.”

Peter Grosz will co-star as Vice President Mike Pence.

Griffin, who faced massive backlash and a boycott last year after displaying Trump’s fake grotesquely bloody, severed head in a photo shoot, is unrepentant for her hate of Trump.

“I am kicking the hornet’s nest, as much as I can,” Griffin told the Times. “I think it’s important to lean into the controversy because I know so much more about it now. I think now enough time has passed where people are starting to see the ridiculousness of what happened to me, and they’re seeing other people that Trump has done it to.”

Indeed, this will be Griffin’s first television role since being driven off the national stage after her hate-filled photo stunt.

Griffin quickly apologized for the disgusting anti-Trump photo but ultimately remained defiant, hinting that she was not really sorry at all.

For his part, Atamanuik says he does not think what Griffin did was so bad.

“I don’t see that as a capital offense by any means. I know we spend a lot of time talking about the Second Amendment, but there’s the one before it that’s really important. The notion that a person’s career would be defined by one action they take is, to me, crazy,” Atamanuik told the Times.

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