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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

Graphic: Jim Carrey Posts Horrifying Picture Showing Trump’s Sons Bloody and Impaled

Back in the 1990s, the three-word construct “Jim Carrey’s back” usually meant he was in another movie. This was hardly a surprise; after all, he was the world’s biggest comedy star, and people couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

In the last ten years, “Jim Carrey’s back” has been a statement that’s been met with surprise. After all, amid a personal life that’s getting ever stranger and a list of professional engagements that’s getting ever shorter, its sort of astonishing to see him in a major Hollywood production. Still, it’s something that one might hold out hope for — after all, he used to be good, didn’t he?

These last few weeks, however, I see “Jim Carrey’s back” and I think only one thing: Oh no, he’s drawn another semi-pornographic cartoon involving the Trump administration, hasn’t he?

Yes, apparently believing that America doesn’t see him as disturbed enough, Carrey has taken on a sort of second career as a bizarre purveyor of political art on his Twitter account. Thankfully, the stuff is free, because anybody who paid for this would ask for their money back and then money for emotional trauma.

Carrey’s latest picture involves two of President Trump’s sons being killed by an elephant, apparently a reference to their hunting or the fact that their father has chosen to loosen the ban on importing trophies from said hunt.

We warn you, it’s slightly graphic:

Well, at least he keeps it classy.

Now, as we mentioned, this isn’t the first time that Carrey has tried his hand at political cartooning. Unsurprisingly, the others have been just as offensive. Here’s Jared Kushner in Hell:

And here’s the president as the Wicked Witch of the West:

And here’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders as… well, something Carrey would likely see two hours into his acid trip.

There are also additional cartoons involving (I think) Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin we can’t show you because they’re too sexually-explicit.

Now, this clearly isn’t a well man, and I again feel bad pointing out these photographs instead of pointing him to one of Hollywood’s many, many rehab and/or psychiatric clinics.

However, the point is that the internet is eating this stuff up. For instance, the cartoon of Trump’s sons being killed by an elephant is fast approaching 50,000 likes — and that’s one of the more unpopular ones.

Instead of giving this guy likes, perhaps it’s time to give him Haldol. Just a suggestion.

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