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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018

D.C. Has A Troubling Scandal On Its Hands, And It Has To Do With Our Children

Apparently, there are more swamps that need draining…

There are problems afoot in the nation’s capital.

No, we’re not talking about the plethora of unsubstantiated nonsense that the mainstream press pontificates endlessly about, but rather real-life problems that perfectly demonstrate just how broken one of the key pillars of our nation really is.

Quite simply, one of D.C.’s public systems is going down the tubes, and a recent set of data helps demonstrate just how bad it is.  

From The Daily Caller:

D.C. Public Schools released Thursday a projected 2018 graduation rate of 42 percent, a figure nearly half of the related 2017 rate.

The school system estimates it will graduate 42 percent of its seniors in June, while 73 percent of its seniors received degrees in 2017, reported The Washington Post.

“The point of this is transparency,” D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Lerner told WaPo.

We’re all about transparency, but these little tidbits lead to a gaggle of other questions.

At the top of the list is a rather simple one, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for an answer.

How the heck did things get this bad?

Closer examination shows that the problem has just continued to build and build, and there’s plenty of fingers that can be pointed.

The district has wrestled with an investigation into its grading practices for the past few months. At Ballou High School, the nexus of the scandal, the school system found policy violations in 113 of the 177 2017 graduates’ records.

Teachers generally did not reduce the grades of students with excessive absences and Ballou awarded half-credit, instead of zero percent, for uncompleted assignments.

Allow that to sink in for a moment. More than 60 percent of schools in the system have been found to have policy violations. How on Earth is that possible?

For a school system that exists right smack dab in the middle of the nation’s power center, DC public schools should be a beacon of light that set an example of how a district should be run.

Instead, it seems to be little more than an extension of the swamp that surrounds the nation’s capital.

Source: Daily Caller

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