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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

DANIEL VAUGHAN: The Fraudulent March For Their Lives

Did you know there was a big protest march of student and liberal activists against guns? Journalists in every form covered the so-called “March for their Lives,” an event that denigrated guns and gun-owners and pretended the Second Amendment is an absurdity in our “enlightened” and “advanced” era. That happened this past weekend, in case you live under a rock and don’t follow any form of news.

I only mention that because it seems like we’ve been blasted non-stop by a media that gives anti-gun activists unlimited air-time. When asked about the journalistic angle, one student truthfully replied that “journalism is a form of activism,” and all the liberal media talking heads nodded agreement.

At least we can all agree that TV journalists are nothing more than professional activists now.

Not to be outdone by journalistic activists, some people used the “March for their Lives” as a chance to air their anti-Catholic bigotry against Senator Marco Rubio. And almost to a one, the marchers called for gun bans because they say their safety trumps any right to own a gun.

But remember, as House and Senate Democrats repeatedly assure us, no one is here to take away your guns. They just enjoy ginning up their base to chant for gun bans and fantasizing about complete gun confiscation like in the  “enlightened” Australia and Great Britain.

Newly minted activist David Hogg began his remarks at the protest by putting up price tags, saying that each dollar stood for how much money Rubio took from the NRA for each dead student. And the euphoric moment for all the marchers came when Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter declared her dream for a “gun free world.”

Democrats enjoy trotting out kids because it’s an attempt to end the discussion. Any attempt to debate the ideas these kids bring gets met with derision. You simply can’t say that these are incoherent, illogical ideas, which are disproven by fact and reality without being labeled a bully.

Liberals and their media enablers treat these kids as unimpeachable. Whatever they say is the golden truth and irrefutable — because they’re kids. It’s a convenient cover for the adults to hide behind, especially Democratic politicians who don’t dare speak negatively about guns, lest they feel the wrath of their constituents.

That’s the dirty secret in this entire national moment: Democrats are intellectual and moral cowards. They’re using children as cover to prevent dealing with the fact that their anti-gun voters are out of touch with reality. Take newly elected Democratic Representative Conor Lamb, who just won Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. He’s pro-gun and says he agrees with President Trump on pro-gun issues.

Lamb faced no primary; he was chosen in the proverbial smoke-filled room full of politicians and strategists. You’ll notice that no one on the anti-gun left is attacking Lamb, only Republicans. Lamb doesn’t come up during the march because he’s a pro-gun Democrat, and you can’t attack your party.

Perhaps most nonsensically of all, Hogg and the rest of the marchers claim blood is on the hand of Republican Senators and the NRA.


Residents in Austin, Texas, just spent a month of living in fear of opening packages in their mailboxes because of a rogue bomber. He bought all the supplies at a Home Depot.

Everyone correctly blamed the bomber in that situation. No one rants about Home Depot or the U.S. Postal Service for having blood on their hands.

A terrorist brutally murdered and burned the body of a Holocaust survivor in France. She had previously requested help from the local authorities, but they never did anything.

No one is irrationally blaming fire, or the knife used to murder her. We prosecute the terrorists and make police forces answer for their mistakes.

And finally, if living through a terrible mass shooting grants unimpeachable insights to the survivors, then the kids from Florida have the same experience as Congressional Republicans. Representative Steve Scalise was critically wounded when a rogue maniac who loved Bernie Sanders and hated Republicans opened fire on a Congressional baseball field.

You’ll notice no one in the media is interviewing Republicans who went through a similar traumatic event as those in the school shooting. Journalism is just another form of activism, after all.

The only reason we’re having a “debate” on guns is that a mass shooting is the only time anyone blames the tool, and not the user. For whatever reason, Democrats are incapable of seeing the difference between the person responsible and the device used.

Guns aren’t foreign to schools, nor are they inherently immoral. Thirty years ago, many of these kids’ parents and grandparents learned how to shoot in public schools. But only now are we debating guns as a cultural wedge issue.

If Democrats believed in this march, and the things the activists say, they’d make 2018 the anti-gun election. They’d push for a repeal of the second amendment and gun confiscation.

But we know they won’t do that because they’re intellectual and moral cowards who enjoy a good march but are terrified of standing anywhere but behind children. They owned a filibuster-proof majority, and control of all branches of government from 2009-2010 and they never touched the issue.

Which, if you buy this incoherent argument about blood on the hands of politicians, means Democrats are the ones with blood on their hands. They won’t touch the issue whether they’re in or out of power.

It’s all a nonsensical argument though; anyone can see that. This isn’t a debate over guns or lives; it’s just another partisan wedge issue to fire up the extremist wing of the Democratic Party.

Which, in the end, makes all of this outrage a fraud.