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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Arnold Schwarzenegger, 70, Undergoes Emergency Open-Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived up to his famous catchphrase, ‘I’ll be back.’

According to The Terminator star’s representative, his first words after waking up from emergency open-heart surgery were, ‘I’m back.’

Daniel Ketchell tweeted on Friday that the 70-year-old actor is awake and is in good spirits following a failed valve replacement procedure, it was revealed this afternoon.

TMZ, which broke the news, said the former governor of California went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Thursday to have a scheduled catheter valve replacement.

The procedure is said to be risky, and the seven-time Mr Olympia winner developed complications, leading to an emergency open-heart surgery that reportedly lasted several hours.

As of late Friday afternoon, his condition following the operation was described as stable. reached out to Creative Artists Agency seeking comment from Schwarzenegger’s publicist and was awaiting a reply.

The veteran action star traveled to Mexico in 1997 to undergo surgery to replace a pulmonary valve. According to the American Heart Association, the valve closes off the lower right chamber and opens to allow blood to be pumped from the heart to the lungs (through the pulmonary artery) where it will receive oxygen.

It was reported earlier that procedure was to replace a aortic valve.

‘I’ve never felt sick or had any symptoms at all, but I knew I’d have to take care of this condition sooner or later,’ Schwarzenegger said in a statement after the operation, according to the Los Angeles Times. ‘I said to the doctors, “Let’s do it now, while I’m young and healthy.” They agreed this was the way to go.’

Pulmonary valve replacement is a procedure in which a patient’s leaky, or partially blocked pulmonary valve is replaced with an artificial heart valve.

The actor’s spokesperson said at the time that he had a congenital heart defect that had nothing to do with steroid, which Schwarzenegger had admitted to using during his time as a world-class bodybuilder.

On Friday, Schwarzenegger’s representative released a statement saying the replacement valve was never meant to be permanent and has outlived its life expectancy, so he chose to replace it on Thursday though the less invasive catheter valve procedure.

A team of surgeons at Cedars-Sinai was on standby in case an open-heart surgery had to be performed, which ended up being the case.

Daniel Ketchell, the actor’s spokesman, said that the valve was successfully replaced during the open-heart surgery.

In a recent interview he gave in Australia, Schwarzenegger said his age is just a number to him.

‘I don’t even think that I’m 70, I know I’m 70, but so what?’ he told The Project. ‘It’s only on my passport or my driver’s licence, but I feel the same way as I did 20 years ago.’

‘I feel good about myself. I work out. I make my movies. Life is great. I feel useful and productive,’ he added.

According to Schwarzenegger’s IMDB page, the Hollywood heavyweight has a half-dozen film and TV projects in the works, including the action flick Viy 2: Journey to China co-starring Jackie Chan and an untitled Terminator reboot.

The divorced Conan the Barbarian alum has five children, including his son Patrick, who has followed his father’s footsteps into acting and is currently starring in the new drama Midnight Sun opposite Bella Thorne.

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