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jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

Bill O’Reilly says parts of California ‘almost destroyed’ by liberals

Plagued by homelessness, punishing taxes, nightmarish traffic, and a censorious culture of political correctness, the Golden State is going down the tubes, according to former Fox star Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly wrote in a tweet on Tuesday that liberals are destroying California with their destructive policies and “social fascism.”

While California continues to offer beautiful views and near-perfect weather, much of what made it attractive has gone away since the Reagan years, O’Reilly said.

And it’s all thanks to the left.

O’Reilly: Liberals destroying California

While California still has its natural beauty, the Golden State is quickly turning into a home for left-wing fascism, according to O’Reilly, who feels that California’s leftward turn in both culture and policy is sowing the seeds of chaos.

“Homeless legions have almost destroyed downtown San Francisco and Los Angeles, taxes are cruel, and traffic is punishing,” O’Reilly tweeted on Tuesday. “But far worse is the social fascism that attacks non-liberal viewpoints. The state is politically correct to the point of paralysis.”

Southern California has become one of the top areas in the country for homelessness, as expensive housing has driven many into shelters and onto the streets. Over the last six years, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles County increased 67 percent, from $1,2oo to $2,000, while average incomes have stagnated.

During this same period, L.A.’s homeless population grew 75 percent — from 32,000 to 55,000.

And California’s popularity as the top destination state for immigrants probably isn’t helping L.A.’s housing shortage, either. Add to this California’s punishing tax rates, and you have a recipe for social and economic disaster, according to the former Fox host.

Homelessness, taxes, and immigration

In his tweet, O’Reilly echoed what many conservatives have said about the most progressive state for years — but while California has long been liberal, the destruction done by left-wing ideas is rapidly accelerating in the era of Donald Trump, due to what O’Reilly says is a combination of high levels of immigration and unionized education.

He wrote in a blog on his website on Tuesday:

First, millions of foreign born folks now call California home and many of them want government assistance. Therefore the party that provides entitlements has amassed millions of new registrations.  Democrats dominate the California political scene.

But even more important than that is the Golden State’s educational system. The far left teacher’s unions have wiped out any kind of ideological balance in the classroom. If you want to prosper on campus as a teacher or administrator, you almost have to be an ardent liberal. The kids are indoctrinated rather than taught in many schools.

This mass indoctrination is sowing the seeds of social breakdown, according to O’Reilly — and the results are paralyzing.

The sanctuary state

California lawmakers put the rights of illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens when they openly defy the rule of law by challenging the Justice Department’s crackdown on unlawful immigration.

The Golden State’s open lawlessness has even forced President Donald Trump to sue in an effort to force them to follow the law, since they won’t do it on their own accord.

Meanwhile, California claims to be a sanctuary state, but what is California providing sanctuary from? Different viewpoints?

With alarmingly high taxes and skyrocketing homelessness, the situation in California is quickly becoming dire. Lawmakers in the Golden State should heed Bill O’Reilly’s warning, or things may soon spin completely out of control.