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jueves, 1 de marzo de 2018

Authorities find 137 immigrants stuffed inside a tractor trailer headed for Texas

Mexican authorities discovered a tractor-trailer stuffed with 137 migrants, en route to the Mexican border city of Reynosa. From there, they intended to cross the U.S.-Mexican border into Texas.

The migrants were discovered in deplorable living conditions by Mexican Federal Police officers, who detained and looked after their needs, according to Breitbart News Texas.

Subhuman conditions

The migrants were given no ventilation inside the cargo area where they were crammed.

Forced to look after themselves, they were able to gouge out two small holes in the roof. This was their only source of fresh air.

In addition, the migrants endured intense heat and no means of removing human waste.

The officers also arrested the driver of the semi-tractor-trailer, who is facing federal charges. His name was not released to the media. Breitbart tweeted:

Not the first instance

As deplorable as this instance was, this isn’t the first time Mexican authorities have seen this. It’s becoming all too typical in border areas.

Just this year alone, “Ciudad Victoria has seen various smuggling attempts leading to 464 migrants being detained,” Breitbart reported.

“In all of the cases, they had been stuffed in the cargo area of a trailer,” the publication continued.

Varied nationalities

None of the Immigrants were Mexican nationals but were all from Central and South America in search for a better life in the United States.

The majority — 95 — hailed from Honduras.

The remainder included 37 from Guatemala, four from El Salvador, and one from Ecuador.

There was no report on the number of migrants who were underage.

Driver opens up

After his arrest, the driver began cooperating with authorities. Breitbart reported:

According to the driver, the group began their voyage in Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, and headed to the border city of Reynosa.

The migrants were taken to the local headquarters for Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

In addition to the intense heat, the trailer also had the noticeable the stench of food and human waste during an investigation.

Illegal immigration isn’t merely a financial drain on U.S. social services; it can be deadly for the migrants themselves.

Thankfully, ICE has been vocal about curbing illegal immigration.

In a speech from early February, ICE chief, Thomas Homan ardently defended the agency while warning that unlawful immigration will not be permitted any longer.