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martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Vanessa Trump hospitalized after opening envelope full of white powder

Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, his family has been the target of all manner of awful attacks from the Left. Every Trump family member’s social media account is full of insults and abuse—sometimes even threats.

Now, however, the threats have crossed the line into action. Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., was taken to the hospital Monday for evaluation after opening a letter containing white powder.

A Terrifying Attack

Addressed to Donald Trump Jr., the letter was sent to his mother-in-law’s apartment in midtown Manhattan. Vanessa called 911 after opening the letter, saying she had inhaled some of the powder and felt nauseous.

New York Fire Department rescuers arrived, treating three patients—assumed to be Vanessa and her children—and taking them to the hospital for evaluation. Trump Jr.’s wife was released without being admitted after the substance was determined to be cornstarch.

The letter that accompanied the substance was postmarked from Boston, MA, and was determined to be “harassing, but not threatening” according to the local CBS station in New York City.  A hazardous materials unit also responded to the scene.

Trump Jr. Responds

Donald Trump Jr., expressed his anger at whoever targeted him and his family, saying it was “truly disgusting” that someone would target them.

Predictably, liberals on Twitter wasted no time before blaming the victim. The Socialist Party replied that “Disgusting people attract disgusting behavior,” and other users even questioned whether the incident actually happened, or whether the Trumps staged the incident.

“Hard to imagine that your wife opens mail without it being checked first by security—especially since this very same thing happened to your brother in 2016,” read one tweet.

Others called it “good news,” saying that “great news” would be the impeachment of the president.

Déjà vu?

In 2016 during the presidential campaign, Donald Jr.’s brother, Eric was the target of a similar attack. In March, Eric received a letter at his apartment on Central Park South that had a Boston postmark and was filled with white powder.

Eric’s wife Lara opened the letter, which threatened that if Trump didn’t drop out of the presidential race, “the next envelope won’t be a fake.” The sender was never identified, and the Trump family was briefed on how to properly handle mail according to security protocol.

It’s good to know that the Trump family wasn’t harmed this time, but actions like these demonstrate the lengths to which some people on the Left are willing to go.

Perhaps if the Democrat Party establishment and the media didn’t constantly demonize Trump, unstable people might be less inclined to engage in this disgusting behavior.