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martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Report: Royal family to invite Obama family to Prince Harry’s wedding – but not Trump family

Prince Harry is all set to marry American actress Meghan Markle on May 19 at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England. And just like in many commoner’s weddings, the guest list has caused a bit of a hubbub.

In many royal weddings, the leaders of allied nations are invited as a diplomatic courtesy, but perhaps not this time. While the official list has not been published, the couple is inviting former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle to their wedding, but not current President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, a royal source told the Daily Star.

“The invitations are going out now, but Mr. and Mrs. Obama still have to respond,” the source said. “I am very, very sure they will attend though.”

The Wedding of the Year

Prince Harry has spent years as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. As the youngest son of Prince Charles, Britain’s heir to the throne, and Princess Diana, Harry has grown up in the world’s spotlight.

Harry is fifth in line for the throne behind his father, his older brother Prince William, and William’s two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Markle will be the first American royal since Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson in 1937.

While Harry has dated some high-profile women throughout his adult life, he has been in a relationship with American actress Meghan Markle since July 2016.  The prince announced his engagement to Markle in November 2017, after getting the blessing of both Markle’s parents and the Queen.

The couple’s plans are nearly finished, including the invitations. Royal advisors reportedly advised them to “hold off” on the invite to the Obamas if they were not planning to invite President Trump over fears of hurting diplomatic relations between the two allies.

But since this wedding will not be a state event, diplomacy may not be an issue. One betting agency insider told USA Today:

We’ve changed our minds on this. We think Harry is in a position that he does not have to worry about the political implications of an invite,” said Rupert Adams, a spokesman for the betting agency William Hill PLC. “We feel strongly that the Obamas will get an invite.”

As for Trump?

“We’d be very surprised to see him on the guest list.”

According to the UK’s Daily Star, the couple wants “to do things their own way,” and are “inviting their own friends, and not on the advice of aides.”

Prince Harry is an admitted Obama fan, having appeared in public together as friends. Meanwhile, Markle has publicly criticized President Trump, calling him misogynistic; the actress has been vocal in her support for Hillary Clinton.

Markle’s activism may have to take a back seat once she joins the royal family; the U.K. is one of America’s strongest allies. Typically, royals are not allowed to publicly comment on political issues or figures.

Does Trump Care?

For his part, President Trump has nothing but good wishes for the high-profile couple. After word of the engagement became public, Trump tweeted his wishes for the couple to have lasting happiness, and again said later, “I want them to be happy, I really want them to be happy. They look like a lovely couple.”

Tabloid sources speculate that the U.K. government is worried that Trump not being invited will somehow sour relations between the two countries.

Trump, however, has given no indication that he will be personally offended whether or not he and Melania receive an invite.