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miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018

Police foil son’s plot to assassinate his parents – they ‘play dead’ to trick him

The wealthy parents of a 22-year-old man agreed to play dead in an effort to foil their son’s plot to “assassinate his family.”

Russian officers discovered the man’s plot to hire an assassin to kill his parents and 10-year-old sister in an effort to gain an inheritance, and staged the carnage as proof that the contract killing had been completed.

Detailed instructions

The “assassination” took place in the family’s home in Sochi, Russia, the host of this year’s FIFA World Cup, according to the Daily Mail. The son reportedly agreed to pay the undercover officer, who was playing the role of the contract killer, to execute all members of his immediate family.

As part of his scheme, the son gave a Russian officer — playing the role of the assassin — precise instructions on how and where to murder his family, including the location of security cameras, methods to avoid guard dogs, and a floor plan of the family residence.

When the son demanded photographic proof that the contract had been fulfilled, his parents agreed to play dead. The parents, who were “devastated” by their son’s betrayal, were made up with blood coming from mock “fatal” knife wounds.

The undercover officer playing the assassin then showed the photos to the son, who was reportedly “delighted,” and agreed to pay the officer £38,000, or over $52,000 U.S. The son, whose name has not yet been released, was then arrested, and immediately confessed.

The following clip, which includes graphic content, shows the staged photos of the “dead” father and mother, followed by the son’s arrest:

Wealthy parents PLAY DEAD to trick son into believing ‘hitman he hired’ had killed them

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Officers tricked the would-be killer into believing he had hired an assassin to murder his wealthy parents A 22 year old man’s plot to ‘assassinate his family’ was foiled when police got his parents to play dead.

Not his first rodeo

This wasn’t the first time the 22-year-old had planned the murder of his family, however. He’d plotted his parents’ death twice before.

A police source told the Daily Mail:

The criminal wanted to put pills in [a] kettle to poison his parents, but his father found out something was wrong.

Then the son planned to break a thermometer in his parents’ car so that they were poisoned with mercury vapors.

But he got cold feet.

“He wanted to get rid of parents because they were not giving him money,” the police source said. “He looking on the internet to find out how to carry out the murders.”

Luckily, the third time didn’t turn out to be a charm for the son — though it was for his family members.

While his family is heartbroken, it’s good to know that another criminal is off the streets.