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jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

Obama’s Criminal Wiretap On Trump Campaign Is Far Worse Than Media Reported

We all know the investigation into the Trump campaign is nothing more than a witch hunt. Trump did not “collude” with Russia. In fact, we are learning more about the shocking levels of corruption from the last administration.

Obama’s DOJ used the bogus Russian dossier to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page. Their hopes were to use that illegal access to find dirt on Trump. It was a shocking scheme to unravel his campaign and steal the election for Hillary Clinton.

Now we are learning that their dubious wiretap might have given them access to other Trump staff.

From Fox News:

Former Trump adviser Carter Page acknowledges communicating with Trump campaign contacts after the FBI began spying on him – indicating multiple members of the president’s team likely were caught up in the secret government surveillance which began days before the 2016 election…

“You’d normally think that innocent third parties would be protected, but we’ve seen in this mess unmasking of otherwise innocent people and their conversations,” Adams said…

But the former foreign policy adviser says he sent a copy of the October 2016 letter to more than 10 people associated with the Trump campaign, including full-time staff with email addresses, as well as other campaign volunteers.

The FISA process is incredibly suspicious. The government uses a variety of loopholes to gain access to Americans’ private communications. Even though our 4th Amendment protects us from such abuses.

The warrant Obama’s DOJ got on Carter was a backdoor into the rest of the Trump campaign. Because he emailed some of them (yet unnamed) a document, it gave the federal government an excuse to spy on more people.

So, who was being spied on by Obama’s White House? Trump’s closest advisors? Kellyanne Conway? Perhaps Trump’s family was being monitored for no reason by government flunkies. Maybe Trump himself had his privacy violated. All because the left wanted to steal the election.

The more we learn about this story, the worse it gets. For the Democrats. Is there nothing they won’t do to acquire power and destroy our democracy?

I guess there isn’t.

Source: Fox News

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