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viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Nunes LAYS WASTE to Crooked Comey in EXPLOSIVE Interview

Recently, after evidence of shocking and egregious FISA abuse on the part of the FBI and the DOJ, which was released in a 4-page memo compiled by Republicans from the House Intel Committee, spearheaded by Rep. Devin Nunes, “swamp creatures” are frantic.

As the damning information came to light, “Deep State” sycophants like James Comey and Eric Holder came out of the woodwork, clearly in a blind panic, in an attempt to discredit the report.

Disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey, has been particularly critical of Nunes’ information, and in light of its release, took to Twitter in an attempt to cry foul, succeeding only in broadcasting his desperation and fear.

On Comey’s accusatory tweets, Nunes didn’t hesitate to defend himself, and in an interview with Fox News, flat out accused the disgraced FBI of doing the Democrats’ dirty work.

“…The FBI should not go to secret courts, using information that was paid for by the Democrats, to open up investigations and get warrants on people of the other political party,” Nunes shot back, pulling no punches.

Rep. Nunes further explained the severity of the situation, explaining that the FISA abuse wasn’t the FBI’s attempt to “go after some terrorist,” but rather, the shocking truth that “the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016.”

Nunes’ explosive memo and brilliant work on the case wasn’t easy for him, and he’s been subject to relentless attacks from desperate Democrats and Deep State goons, but in the end, Rep. Devin Nunes proved his patriotism is true to his core.

On releasing the memo, Rep. Nunes said that he “didn’t want to have to do this,” but said that he and the House “an obligation to the American people when we see FISA abuse.”