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lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

New photo of Melania and Donald Trump destroys media narrative

Despite rumors swirling in the media that the Trumps’ marriage is on the rocks, they seem to be happy in each others’ company.

A pair of photos show an intimate moment between the president and First Lady at their Mar-A-Lago estate on Friday. Melania is seen resting a hand on her husband’s arm.

The presidential couple was seen at a party at their Mar-A-Lago estate Friday evening after visiting survivors of last week’s shooting in Florida.

The photos were snapped the same day that the New Yorker reported on an alleged affair between president Trump and a former Playboy playmate.

Intimate photo of Trumps goes viral

The Trumps headed to Mar-A-Lago for a Studio-54 themed disco party Friday night after meeting with recovering survivors of the Florida school shooting at Broward North Health hospital, CNN’s Kevin Liptak reported. The couple also stopped at the Broward County’s Sheriff Office.

An Instagram user posted a later-deleted photo that showed the couple talking together.

“Please take note that the President did NOT dance,” Instagram user Sean Bianca wrote. “He and the First Lady were there for a short time but neither was dancing around as one should have expected. Their mood was somber and they were there for a very short time.”

But another picture shows the couple from a better angle, in an intimate – if staid – mood.

The photograph shows the president sitting with Melania as she rests a hand on his arm in a ballroom lit up with purplish, lurid lights. The photo comes amid fresh rumors that Trump had an affair with former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal.

The New Yorker reported on Friday that Trump had an affair with McDougal and claimed that Trump used pay-offs to keep the story out of the media.

“I was so nervous! I was into his intelligence + charm. Such a polite man,” she wrote in a handwritten account of the alleged affair.

Photos contradict rumors

The photographs contradict rumors circulated by the mainstream media that the Trumps have grown apart over news reports of the president’s alleged extramarital affairs. It was reported earlier this month that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid porn star Stormy Daniels, although it is not clear what for.

If it’s true that people show their true selves when they aren’t being watched, then these photos would indicate that the Trumps are more in love than the media, and late night TV hosts, would like the public to believe.

But don’t expect to see these images circulating on CNN or MSNBC. As far as the media is concerned, if it doesn’t fit the narrative, it doesn’t exist.