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martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Megyn Kelly tries to mimic being at the Winter Olympics after being snubbed

Being chosen to cover the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea is a big deal for journalists. Spending a few weeks in Korea while broadcasting her show would’ve been a great boost for Megyn Kelly’s lagging ratings—except she was told to stay home.

Kelly, however, decided to bring Pyeongchang to her studio instead. Her Today show segment, Megyn Kelly Today, mimicked the NBC studio in Korea, right down to the video walls and angled shapes.

The Snub

Historically, NBC spends over $1 billion for the broadcast rights to the Olympics; their coverage always provides a viewers and ratings boost for the network. Usually, all of NBC’s top hosts broadcast on site, with beautiful sets and studios built just for the short time they’re abroad.

A month prior to the start of the Games, it was announced that Kelly would not be joining the rest of the NBC A-team in Pyeongchang.

Instead, she’d be staying back in New York, running NBC operations while her co-workers were gone.

Rumors swirled as to why. One theory was that Kelly’s personality and journalistic style would “distract viewers from the feel-good nature of Olympics coverage.”

Another was simply that Kelly didn’t want to go and instead chose to stay back in New York, embracing the temporary promotion to run operations.

This isn’t an unusual state of affairs; during each Olympics Games period, one NBC team member has stayed back to keep things running at home.

Fox News, the New York Post, and others reported, however, that Kelly “threw an Olympic fit” when she learned that NBC invited former host Katie Couric to co-host the Opening Ceremonies.

Kelly’s Show Climbs Out

The former Fox News host had a rocky start at the beginning of her time at NBC. Her show opened to horrible ratings and similar reviews, with many panning Kelly as being out of touch and unable to relate to her viewers.

Her show’s ratings have climbed out of the basement due to her coverage of the sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood. Kelly has invited several women to share their experiences on the show.

The studio in New York has been remade during the Olympics to match the remote studio in Korea. Video walls mimic the mountainous view, and a gold circle on the floor is similar to a gold medal.

During the Olympics, Kelly has interviewed athletes and coaches in an effort to cover the Games from New York.

It’s not clear whether the studio alterations were Kelly’s choice or NBC’s. In either event, it’s another reminder that she’s on the outside looking in at NBC. Where she goes from there is anyone’s guess.