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martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Judge Jeanine on gun control: ‘Not just no, but HELL no!’

If progressives thought that conservatives were going to sit idly by and allow the gun grabbing narrative to take over, they were sorely mistaken.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro proved that during her keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week. “Here is this New Yorker’s answer to you. It is not only no, it is hell no!” she said.

Hell No.

The gun control debate was a central focus of CPAC this year and Pirro did not pull punches when she smashed the agenda being pushed by Democrats and the mainstream media.

“All (of) this nonsense about ‘we need to insure guns, we need to track guns, we need to register guns, we need to do this to guns,'” she said. “No, what you need to do is stop gun crime and start prosecuting those who are buying guns and using them illegally and stop being afraid to use the power of the law against those who are looking to hurt the rest of us.”

Watch below:

“And they want to hold us up to public disdain by telling people that we, the legal gun owners, are dangerous,” Pirro said.

“And they want to tell people, what kind of guns we should have, or whether we should even have a gun at all. How much ammunition is enough ammunition? And how big a magazine we should have,” she added.

“Here is this New Yorker’s answer to you. It is not only no, it is hell no!” she said to applause.

No Permission Needed.

Pirro explained that the Constitution enshrines American’s right to own a firearm for protection.

It is a natural right, confirmed by the Constitution, not given to citizens by politicians in Washington.

“I don’t need your permission or your sanctimonious condescension as to the reason why I should have or should not have a gun,” she said.

“I own guns because it’s my right. it’s my Second Amendment right and no one in Washington gave me that right,” she explained. “And you’re not going to take it away. It is a natural right confirmed by the very people who founded this nation.”

That is what progressives cannot comprehend.

They run to courts and petition lawmakers to change our natural human rights as enshrined in the Constitution, while at the same time they insist that nonexistent rights, like abortion, free healthcare and free college, to be made into laws.

They don’t get how America works — and they want everyone else to follow along in their dystopian fantasy.