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domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

Israel’s PM announces that George Soros is behind protests of Israel’s plan to deport asylum seekers

Hungarian billionaire and progressive George Soros has been exposed as running a campaign against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud ministers on Sunday that Soros is financing a campaign to undermine Israel’s efforts to deport African asylum seekers.

Netanyahu isn’t having it.

Netanyahu Takes Shot At President Obama

Soros is known for his globalist views, which support open borders and illegal immigration. But as a supporter of Democrats in the U.S., Soros had nothing to say when former President Barack Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any president in American history — a fact Netanyahu highlighted in his talk.

“George Soros is also funding the protests. Obama deported two million infiltrators and they didn’t say anything,” Netanyahu said.

His comment was in response to a statement by Likud minister Ofir Akunis, who said that protests against the deportations were funded by extreme leftists and European nations.

The Deportations Have Started

Deportations notices were sent by the Israeli government on Sunday, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported. The notices are first being given to single men who do not have children, which make up around 20,000 of the asylum seekers.

Notices were delivered along with visa renewals. Asylum seekers are being told that they could be jailed if they do not leave the country.

Israel’s parliament approved the plan to deport the asylum seekers from the Sudan and Eritrea last month. Prior to this, migrants were told by Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority that they had to get out of Israel or face jail time.

Notices are not being given to fathers of children, women, children themselves, or victims of slavery or human trafficking at this time. Anyone who requested asylum by the end of 2017 is also exempt.

Soros Under Fire

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s attack on Soros followed a similar attack by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban last year. Orban recently launched a similar campaign against migrants, and blamed Soros for supporting the invasion.

The Hungarian government produced billboards and full-page media ads that showed Soros smiling with the caption “Don’t let Soros have the last laugh,” Haaretz reported.

“The person who uses his wealth, power, influence and a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded by him to settle millions of migrants in Hungary and the European Union puts our future in jeopardy,” Prime Minister Orban told the Hungarian people in a statement to state media.

“The billionaire speculator George Soros has made it quite clear repeatedly,” Orban said, “that this is precisely what he wants to do.”