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martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

George Soros personally defends his move to destroy Brexit

George Soros has been the target of the right for years, and for good reason. The Hungarian tycoon has contributed to many campaigns and causes that aim to diminish national sovereignty, amplify globalism, and compromise the will of the people. Case in point, Brexit.

Recent revelations that he contributed large sums of money to pro-European Union campaigns to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the trade bloc, irked many conservatives, who rightly pointed out that he was undermining the democratic will of the people. Writing in a British newspaper on Sunday, Soros divulged that his feelings were hurt over the “toxic, personal criticism” regarding his anti-Brexit position, and defended his right to help Bremain efforts.

Let me predict that Soros’ hurt feelings won’t carry much weight with conservatives.

George Soros: ‘I Consider Brexit a Tragic Mistake’

In June 2016, 52 percent of British voters cast a ballot to leave the European Union, surprising pundits and markets. Since then, Brexit opponents have been fighting tooth and nail to derail the nation’s efforts to peacefully secede from an organization that many say erodes national independence.

Not surprisingly, Soros was against the idea of Brexit, arguing that it was “a tragic mistake.” He was so opposed to the concept that he donated more than $500,000 to campaigns that fought to stop Britain from making its grand exit from the EU.

When this made global headlines, the backlash was fierce among Brexiteers. The Bremainers, however, were pleased, despite their disdain for white male banker billionaires.

Soros was upset by the response. It prompted the man who “broke the Bank of England” to write a piece in the Mail over the weekend defending his actions.

He opined:

I consider Brexit a tragic mistake. … Brexit is a lose-lose proposition both for Britain and for Europe. Politically, Europe without Britain will be weakened in its ability to defend and promote democratic values.

To make matters worse, the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin’s Russia and resolve the internal contradictions that made some people regard the EU as their enemy.

Soros also disapproved of the “toxic, personal criticism” leveled against him in recent days.

This month, with the financial assistance of Soros, the Best for Britain campaign will unveil a nationwide advertising campaign to encourage voters to demand a second referendum that could reverse Brexit. Of course, to globalists, when you don’t get the intended result, then you keep voting until you get the desired outcome.

Is George Soros a Man of Evil?

Soros was not an SS officer, nor was he a Nazi collaborator. However, it was documented by CBS’s 60 Minutes that as a 14-year-old boy, Soros helped confiscate property belonging to Hungarian Jews.

Did this ignite the flame of his malevolent nature?

There is a reason why many conservatives and libertarians – and even liberals up until a couple of years ago – have railed against Soros. Not only did he force the British government to remove the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism on Black Wednesday in 1992, he has fueled economic mayhem worldwide.

Soros contributed to the speculation that helped eviscerate the Malaysian ringgit in 1997, while also breaking the Bank of Thailand. He has also been active in domestic politics; reports suggest he has had ties to various U.S. political campaigns as well as ties to the Clinton family.

Despite demanding that the rich pay more taxes, Soros has been active in trying to shield his vast fortune by taking advantage of tax loopholes. There is nothing wrong with exploiting tax loopholes – as Ludwig von Mises wrote, capitalism breathes through loopholes – but if you advocate the affluent give away more of their incomes to governments, then you should follow through on your own advice.

Perhaps Bremainers will shed a tear for Soros. But, for the rest of humanity, Soros may have earned the “toxic, personal criticisms” from people all over the world.