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martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Fox News personalities launch surprising defense of Megyn Kelly against her critics

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is far from popular these days. After leaving Fox to go host a segment of the long-running Today Show on NBC, Kelly was beset by poor ratings and worse reviews.

Fox News executives piled on this week, after Page Six published a highly negative piece on Kelly. In a surprise turn of events, some of Kelly’s former coworkers stood up to defend her.

The Hit Profile

Page Six’s story calls Kelly a “loose cannon” who is “tarnishing the NBC brand.” A former makeup artist who worked for NBC for 20 years before retiring in 2016 said Kelly was “disrespectful” and “not for women. She’s extremely mean and rude to women.”

The artist, Iren Halperin, said that in 2009 Kelly showed up early for her show one day and wanted her makeup done immediately. According to Halperin, Kelly pointed to a reporter sitting in the makeup chair.

“You, get out of the chair,” Kelly allegedly said. While Halperin says she tried to placate Kelly by asking her to go sit in the greenroom, the makeup artist says Kelly lied to management and claimed that Halperin had “child-care issues” and couldn’t come to work on time—as revenge.

Page Six says at least two Fox employees asked to be reassigned due to Kelly’s attitude; Fox News did not comment.

The allegedly “toxic” environment moved to NBC when Kelly did; one network employee said that staffers often cry on the set, and her Today segment isn’t going nearly as well as executives had hoped. In January, her show viewership was 30% lower than Tamron Hall and Al Roker’s segment last year in the same time slot.

One show contributor told Page Six that producers don’t tell prospective guests that they’ll be coming on to Kelly’s segment, choosing only to say it’ll be The Today Show.

The Defense

Fox News Sr. VP of Marketing Michael Tammero retweeted the Page Six article, and then Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo also retweeted the piece—invoking the wrath of other female Fox News hosts.

Fox Meteorologist Janice Dean said Kelly was one of her “closest friends” and said she “doesn’t deserve any of this.” She also took aim at Tammero himself, asking “Why are you doing this? It’s so petty and mean spirited.”

Anchor Melissa Francis also stepped into the fray, calling it “RIDICULOUS” and asking, “How low will women go to tear each other down?”

Kelly herself has not responded to the piece.