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jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

Florida shooter was reportedly interested in Syrian resistance and Islamic phrases

Fox News reports that the Parkland shooter may have had an interest in Syrian fighters and Islamic search terms.

Nikolas Cruz reportedly followed “Syrian resistance groups” on his now-deleted Instagram page and made an Internet search for the term “Allahu Akbar.” 

He also reportedly posted anti-Islamic messages. There is a lot of context missing here and there will inevitably be more information discovered in the coming days and weeks.

Parkland shooter had interest in Syrian fighters

Fox News reported Wednesday that the shooter’s Instagram page showed evidence of an interest in “Syrian resistance groups“.

“If you look at things like his Instagram page, you can see he’s fascinated by guns. We don’t know the type of weapon, we don’t know the power of the weapon. But we know that this suspect, if in fact it is him, is fascinated by guns, is fascinated by gun groups,” Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher said.

“He’s also following resistance groups, like Syrian Resistance groups and fighter groups out of Iraq and, we should also note that a couple days ago, as far as a week ago, that he was involved in a YouTube chat room conversation about bombs or building bombs,” Gallagher said.

His Instagram account displayed pictures of the suspect brandishing knives and showcasing a small arsenal of firearms. Another post included a screenshot of a Google search of “Allahu Akbar,” “God is Great” in Arabic – a common rallying cry of jihadis.

Federal investigators say they don’t believe the shooting had anything to do with Islamic terrorism.

Watch Fox News report on the shooter’s background:


His now-unavailable Instagram account included what looks to be anti-Islamic content, and one classmate described him as characterizing Muslims as “terrorists and bombers.”

The Instagram post reading “Allahu Akbar” was captioned, “Well at least we now know what it means when a sand durka says ‘allahu Akbar’ ??????” “Durka durka Mohamed jihad .. how do I work this oh oh I mess up cooo booom!!…durka durka … bam boom explosions,” the post read, followed by bomb emojis.

He also posed with a “MAGA” hat in one picture, with an American flag bandana wrapped around his face. Was Cruz anti-Islamic, or was he just very confused?


What was his motive, or did he even have a motive?

Cruz was previously expelled from school due to erratic and violent behavior. He also posted angry rants on social media as well as disjointed commentary about killing animals.

There is still much that is unknown about the shooter and his possible motivations. It could be that Cruz had a generalized pathological fixation with violence that drew him to violent Islamist and paramilitary groups.

As of right now, the picture that has developed of the shooter is very hazy. The one thing that seems consistent in his social media accounts, his record at school, and his reputation amongst friends and acquaintances, is that he has a history of violence.

So often there are warning signs leading up to incidents like these that go unreported or when reported are not properly investigated. Tragically, this looks to be yet another instance where the ball was dropped and as a result, children have been maimed and killed.