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miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018

Democrat State Finds Loophole To Keep 100,000+ On Welfare, Taxpayers Foot The Bill

Most patriots are sick and tired of Welfare. The government gives out trillions in handouts. Programs like food stamps, Welfare, and many others turn Americans into babies. Instead of working for a living, they are pampered by the government. How is that the American Way?

Thanks to a push by state and federal lawmakers, we are seeing a change. Many states are setting realistic standards for people who want government aid. The standards aren’t strict and will help many get off government support.

But one liberal department is trying to undermine this honest effort. It will result in millions of tax dollars wasted.

From Western Journal:

Able-bodied adults in 59 Pennsylvania counties who receive food stamps in 2018 won’t be bound by federal work requirements, thanks to a waiver given to the state by the U.S. Department of Agriculture…

Pennsylvania officials grouped high-unemployment and low-unemployment counties together to make their case that the average jobless rate in the 59-county region was 20 percent above the national average, Ingram said.

The USDA’s letter approving the waiver last December found that the counties’ average unemployment rate exceeded 5.7 percent over a two-year period at a time when the national jobless rate was only 4.78 percent.

Work requirements are hardly a burden. If you are able-bodied, you should at least be looking for work. Some states merely require you enroll in job training, even community service. That’s not cruel, that’s simply expecting people to be responsible.

For some reason, democrats don’t want people working for themselves. They’d like it if more Americans were dependent on their handouts. After all, they want to impose Socialism on America, a system where the government regulates everything you do.

The more people on food stamps, the more leftists can control our lives. It’s high time we put a stop to this.

Make no mistake: the tide is turning. These government programs will soon come to an end. Only people truly in need will get help. All the freeloaders and con artists will get the boot. No matter what the left tries to do.

Source: Western Journal

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