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jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

Democrat congressional candidate arrested for diamond jewelry scam

A Democratic congressional candidate, seeking to unseat a Wisconsin Republican incumbent, was arrested this week for scamming a Manhattan jeweler. She has since been sent to New York to face charges.

If Democrats want to wrest control of the U.S. House of Representatives from the GOP, they may have an uphill battle with all of the corruption and criminal activity exhibiting by their party members lately.

Fiscally responsible?

NYPD detectives traveled to the Badger State Monday to arrest the 36-year-old self-described “proud transgender woman” and Democratic candidate Juliet Germanotta.

She’s running on the promise to keep the government “fiscally responsible by questioning expenses.”

She also implored voters to “Get to know the people you vote into office.” Now that she’s made national news, all of America is getting to know about her.

It turns out that the NYPD will be getting to know Germanotta pretty well, and they’ll undoubtedly find that she’s not fiscally responsible.

Sleight-of-hand by mail

Her charges stemmed from an incident that occurred last year. On Sept. 19, Germanotta ordered a $4,800, 18-karat yellow gold Zambian emerald and diamond ring from Manhattan business Mikaelians Jewelry, according to the New York Post.

But after receiving the item, Germanotta complained that she was dissatisfied and demanded her money back. Mikaelians refunded the $4,800, but instead of returning the ring, Germanotta sent the jeweler a counterfeit — a cheap knockoff with an estimated $10 value.

Then she sold off the genuine article to a buyer in Wisconsin.

Charges filed

Mikaelians filed a complaint with the NYPD against Germanotta on Oct. 2, after the store realized it had been swindled out of its merchandise.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin buyer of the ring had it appraised and discovered he had some hot merchandise on his hands.

That set off alarm bells loud enough that they were heard in Manhattan.

New York City detectives obtained a warrant, flew to Wisconsin and arrested Germanotta in La Crosse, where she admitted to her misdeeds. The Post reported:

She waived extradition in court Tuesday.

Germanotta was brought by the officers on Wednesday to Manhattan’s Midtown North Precinct via a Delta flight. Charges against her were pending.

As Germanotta was led into the stationhouse wearing jeans and a hoodie, she refused to answer a reporter’s questions and instead stared straight ahead.

In addition to being a member of the party of Jefferson and Jackson, Germanotta is reportedly an ordained minister. Although lacking scruples, she apparently has a finely-honed sense of humor.