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sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

Bernie Sanders Flakes Out After Newspaper Refuses to Conduct Staged Interview

Apparently, Bernie Sanders is not a big fan of freedom of the press and answering questions he can’t control.

After a local Vermont newspaper refused to essentially conduct a staged interview, Bernie abruptly backed out.

Did he not want to answer questions about his wife’s scrutiny for possible real estate fraud?

From FMShooter

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders backed out of an interview with Vermont newspaper, Seven Days, after the paper refused to accept conditions set by his staff.

Sanders backed out of the interview after Daniel McLean, the Senator’s spokesman, called the reporter Sunday night and attempted to set the conditions that any questions about “political gossip” or Sanders’ family were not to be discussed.

Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, has notably been under federal scrutiny due to possible bank fraud following a land deal negotiated when she was president of Burlington College in Vermont in 2010.  

Although Sanders reneged on the interview which was originally set after an airport press conference on Monday, Seven Days still attended and had a quick exchange of words with the Senator:

…The senator walked away from the podium, gathered his belongings and walked toward the airport’s security screening area.

“Hey, Senator, do you have time for that interview?” Seven Days called after him.

“Pardon me?” Sanders asked.

“Do you have time for that interview that we’ve been talking about?” Seven Days repeated.

“No,” the senator said as he handed his ticket and identification to a Transportation Security Administration officer. “Not right now.”

“You think you could make time at some point in the coming weeks?” Seven Days pressed.

“Well, as I think Dan indicated, we talk about issues. We don’t talk about gossip,” Sanders said. “And anybody who wants to talk to me about real issues, I’m happy to—”

“That’s precisely what I want to talk with you about,” Seven Days interjected. “So will you make time, then, to talk about real issues?”

“What’d I just say?” the senator asked.

“Well, we’ve been asking for almost three years now for an interview,” Seven Days responded.

“I don’t talk to gossip columnists,” the senator shot back. “I talk about issues.”

“I have lots of questions for you about the issues,” Seven Days called out to Sanders as the senator walked away. “But we don’t accept conditions from politicians in exchange for interviews. Not a policy at Seven Days.”

The final quote, which concludes Seven Days’ stellar article, perfectly encapsulates the sheer insanity of Senator Sanders’ pompous and holier-than-thou attitude…

For some reason, Bernie Sanders thinks he can still masquerade as against the Establishment