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martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Barack Obama is not planning on attending Billy Graham’s memorial

Barack Obama has just made his true feelings on the late Rev. Billy Graham quite clear.

The former president’s office announced Monday that Obama no plans to attend Graham’s memorial this week.

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and President Trump all paid or will pay their respects to Graham this week.

That makes Obama one of only three ex-presidents to not attend Graham’s viewing or funeral. The other two, Carter and H.W. Bush, are much aged and possibly dealing with extenuating circumstances.

Obama to skip Graham memorial

Hundreds of people showed up to Graham’s restored boyhood home in North Carolina Monday to honor his memory. Graham will receive a four-day memorial, with two days at the library of his boyhood home and two days at the Capitol before the funeral Friday.

Several presidents, including Trump, have already paid or plan to pay their respects to the beloved “pastor of the presidents.”

But the office of former president Obama announced Monday that the controversial ex-president has no plans to pay respects to Graham, either at the four-day memorial or the funeral.

George W. Bush visited Graham’s North Carolina library Monday afternoon to pay his respects to the beloved pastor. Clinton visited Tuesday.

Public viewing will continue through Tuesday before Graham’s body is brought to Washington to lie in honor for two days. Graham is the fourth private citizen to lie in honor in the Capitol, the last being Rosa Parks in 2005.

Graham died February 21. His funeral is Friday.

Why won’t he go?

Obama has two opportunities to honor Graham – either at the four-day memorial in North Carolina and Washington or at the Friday funeral – but the former president plans to attend neither.

While neither Bush nor Clinton plans to attend the funeral, both visited Graham’s home this week. President Trump will be at the Friday funeral.

That makes Obama one of only a few former presidents – along with Jimmy Carter and H.W. Bush – who will not be attending either the viewing or the funeral. George W. Bush said his father, 93, could not attend for health reasons. As for Carter, 93, his wife underwent surgery earlier this month during which the former president was “deathly afraid.”

While the latter two are elderly, it’s hard to imagine what could be holding up a much younger man like Obama.

Graham counseled a host of sitting U.S. presidents, from Truman through George W. Bush, and met with Obama at his home 2010.

Obama tweeted last week that Graham was “a humble servant who prayed for so many.” But actions speak louder than words, and in this case, Obama’s actions are classless.