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lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Trump tells Americans a Democrat win in November would ‘totally kill’ the economy

President Donald Trump had immense legislative success in 2017, but he recently warned that the upcoming midterm elections could put a damper on his future plans.

Trump highlighted some of his biggest accomplishments of 2017 in a tweet on Sunday, but also warned if Democrats win in November’s midterm elections, his administration’s economic, military, and judicial gains could be reversed. 

The president tweeted:

Are We Better Off?

The economy has boomed under Trump. The country has had multiple consecutive quarters of 3 percent growth, and the Dow Jones gained 5,000 points and had 71 record closings since Trump’s inauguration.

Republicans are hoping that new corporate tax cuts will ignite the economy even further. If this is the case, Republicans could have good luck in midterms — but Trump isn’t taking a win for granted.

When Republicans swept Congress in a historic wipeout during the 2010 mid-term elections they had an RCP average of 9.4 points (+9).

The current RCP generic congressional vote average is a 12.8-point (+12) lead for Democrats going into 2018. That is 3 points more than the Republicans had in 2010, which resulted in a bloodbath for the Democratic Party.

Mid-Term Wipeout?

While President Trump’s approval rating has improved slightly, it may not be enough to protect the Republicans from a drastic loss.

Trump’s RCP approval rating average is currently 40 percent, with 55 percent disapproval.

Though the numbers are not terrible, the president and Republicans need to raise their favorability rating to have a chance of retaining either the House or the Senate come mid-terms.

It is likely that the economy will continue to grow due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed last month. However, the GOP needs to do a better job of explaining why the country is better off today than it was when President Trump first came into office.

If not, President Trump may not have much to work with come 2019.