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martes, 16 de enero de 2018

Rush Limbaugh warns Americans not to trust the media’s fake Trump outrage

Rush Limbaugh has a message for America: don’t listen to the media’s fake outrage over Trump’s alleged “s–thole” comment.

The reason? It’s all staged, fake sanctimonious outrage. Or at least that’s how Limbaugh sees it.

The long-time conservative talk show host didn’t mince words on Monday, saying the mainstream media’s rage over Trump’s comment that Haiti and African nations were “s–thole countries” was nothing more than virtue signaling meant to brand the president a racist.

Crocodile tears

The media firestorm over Trump’s off-hand remark is all sound and fury, signifying nothing, says Limbaugh. The talk show host took an informal survey of corporate elites while golfing. Privately, they had no problem with what Trump said.

Their responses were in contrast with the self-righteous displays we all see on TV:

I’m just saying I could not find anybody that was — and you look, Anderson Cooper was near tears. And Brian Stelter could barely contain himself. And these CNN people were stuttering and they were preening as moral superiorists like it was the absolute almost worst thing they’d ever heard and it just offends me. These people talk this way every day to themselves talking about us. They think Mississippi is a hellhole. They think Alabama’s a hellhole. They think flyover country is for bitter clinger redneck reprobates. They talk this way all the time.

Limbaugh has a point. Are we supposed to pretend that limousine liberals don’t think the world outside their ultra-wealthy city blocks isn’t a dump?

The anchors on TV might as well be paid actors, says Limbaugh:

I don’t think Anderson Cooper almost crying was genuine. I don’t even think these people are news anchors. I think they are actors. I actually now believe that not only is the daily so-called news a soap opera, but the journalists reporting it on television are actors. And the White House press corps, the reason they want the cameras in there, they are actors. Anderson Cooper learned how to fake the near tears.

The liberal media is a spectacle of sanctimony. Moral outrage is their stock and trade.

Obama called Libya “shitshow”

Limbaugh pointed out that former-President Obama called the fallout of his administration’s failed intervention in Libya in 2011 a “s–tshow”, as recorded in an Atlantic Magazine article.

You know, there was a story in The Atlantic in 2016 by Jeffrey Goldberg, and it was entitled, “The Obama Doctrine.” And the four-letter word for excrement appears in this story nine times. Nine times Obama uses the term. And in one instance in this story, Barack Hussein Obama, the hero of refinement and sophistication and temperament to all of these people on the left, refers to Libya as an excrement show. He refers to a country, not as an excrement hole, but as an excrement show.

The Left plays by a set of double-standards. There’s one set of rules for their people and another for everybody else.

Liberal echo chamber

Rush played back an NPR clip in which an anchor discussed Limbaugh’s coverage of the controversy. Limbaugh pointed to the clip as an example of the liberal media echo chamber, in which audiences have to be made aware that other points of view exist:

So, you see, NPR has to explain to its audience what its audience does not know, and that is that there is a segment of society that was not offended by Trump’s b–thole comments. And then he lamented, did you catch, there used to be a day when this wasn’t so. “It’s important to remember that it didn’t used to be this way. There was a time when Americans mostly saw the same political events.” Yeah, back when the left had a monopoly on the news.

The media establishment has done everything possible to brand Trump a racist, and this comment gave them the source material to spin his words into something he probably never intended them to mean. Feigned liberal outrage and virtue signaling is motivated by partisan incentives, plain and simple.

Would Anderson Cooper rather go vacationing in Haiti, or Norway? This is a no-brainer.

It’s one thing to generalize about an ethnicity, and another to make judgments about the quality of life in other countries. By any reckoning, Haiti is objectively a worse place to live than Norway.

And the immigrants know that’s the case to boot, that’s why they’re trying to get out and that’s why a diversity lottery program still exists.

It stands to reason that immigrants from poor nations are going to carry baggage that those from prosperous ones simply do not, be it cultural, normative, or otherwise.

That’s not a partisan issue. It’s reality.