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domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

Republican congressman says Hillary’s ‘Uranium One’ link could be a smoking gun

After more than a year of investigation, federal prosecutors may have finally found evidence of collusion between a presidential candidate and the Russian government. But the Clintons aren’t going to like it.

At least two Republican lawmakers see the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Uranium One scheme — and the subsequent 11-count indictment of a Maryland businessman made on Friday alleging bribery in the scandal — as a smoking gun against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

She may finally be coming close to being held accountable for her actions.

Conspiracy, bribery, and fraud, oh my!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) unsealed its indictment against “a former co-president of a Maryland-based” company on Friday for his alleged role in a bribery scheme with “an official at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.”

The Justice Department announced in a press release:

Mark Lambert, 54, of Mount Airy, Maryland, was charged in an 11-count indictment with one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud, seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering.  The charges stem from an alleged scheme to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation and the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies worldwide, in order to secure contracts with TENEX.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered DOJ prosecutors in late December 2017 to interview FBI agents about evidence they discovered in its criminal investigation into the Uranium One deal. That scheme turned over 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves to Russian control, and had the approval of the Department of State, which was then under Hillary Clinton’s leadership.

NBC News reported:

A senior law enforcement official who was briefed on the initial FBI investigation told NBC News there were allegations of corruption surrounding the process under which the U.S. government approved the sale. But no charges were filed.

The Clinton family allegedly profited from the deal in the form of an exorbitant speaking fee for former President Bill Clinton and large donations to the family nonprofit foundation.

Republican lawmakers take a stand

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, predicted earlier this month that the DOJ probe into the Uranium One deal would eventually draw the Clintons in.

He appeared on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company, and told host Stuart Verney that Hillary Clinton would be linked to criminal activity now that Sessions “empowered [agents] to look into the Uranium One deal and general bribery allegations for people giving donations to the Clinton Foundation.” Gaetz then tweeted on Jan. 8:

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King agrees with Gaetz’s prediction. He sees the Justice Department’s indictment as final proof of Russian collusion — not against President Donald Trump’s campaign, but rather the Clinton family. King tweeted:

It may be time for the former secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate to lie low. The question implied in the title of her newest book, What Happened, can perhaps be answered with three words: “pay-to-play.”