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lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Melania Trump makes new hire after attacks from ‘Fire and Fury’ book

Melania Trump is hiring a policy director to shape her platform as First Lady.

Trump’s office announced the new hire on Thursday. The First Lady also filled the roles of director of operations and communications coordinator.

First lady expands staff

Reagan Thompson, a former staffer for the National Security Council, will lead the First Lady’s policy initiatives. She formerly served as communications adviser to Rep. Mike Pompeo, who is now CIA director.

“Reagan’s experience with various statewide and national campaigns will be a big asset as the first lady and her team prepare to roll out her official platform in the coming months,” Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s spokeswoman, told the New York Times.

Miss Trump also hired Justin Caporale to serve as director of operations, and Annie LeHardy to assist with press relations as communications coordinator. The new hires constitute one of the biggest expansions to the East Wing so far.

Caporale will manage daily logistics in the East Wing, focusing on events, and planning the First Lady’s travel. LeHardy will assist Director of Communications Stephanie Grisham with press outreach.

Caporale previously worked in the White House Office of Advance. Le Hardy previously worked as a White House press assistant.

“I am very excited to add these quality professionals to my already stellar team,” Trump said in a statement. “I am confident they will enhance my work on behalf of children everywhere, while helping me further expand my role as First Lady of the United States.”

First Lady gets serious

Throughout her first year as First Lady, Melania Trump has been the butt of endless jokes. Liberals spent the past year mocking Trump’s accent, questioning her intelligence, and otherwise making her out to be miserable and desperate in the White House, which they likened to a prison.

The new hires come amid fresh attacks on the First Lady in a new gossip book, Fire & Fury: Inside the White House. The author, Michael Wolff claims that Melania didn’t want her husband to win the election and cried when she realized he would become president.

Miss Trump’s office denied the claims, saying that the first lady was confident her husband would win and was excited when he succeeded.

With this staff expansion, it looks like Melania – in sharp contrast to the reluctant, solitary figure conjured up by the liberal press – is serious about her job and has no regrets about her position.