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miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

Melania Trump makes fashion waves with State of the Union appearance

President Donald Trump wasn’t the only one soaking up attention at the State of the Union Address.

Breaking tradition, the first lady arrived separately to the much-anticipated event, wearing an elegant white pantsuit. Her ensemble provoked speculation on social media, as it was Melania’s first public appearance alongside the president since a story went public accusing her husband of paying off an adult film star to keep their 2006 affair under wraps.

Was Melania, as some suggested, making a statement — or just wearing a nice pantsuit?

Melania wows the House chamber

Exuding power and grace, Melania Trump entered the House chamber to a standing ovation in a white pantsuit that grabbed the attention of the whole room on Tuesday night. Melania arrived separately from the president, accompanied instead by the evening’s guests of honor.

The first lady posted a short video of the visit with her guests on Twitter:

It was her first public appearance with her husband in nearly a month, a time that has seen Mrs. Trump swatting rumors about her relationship with the president fanned by gossip columnist Michael Wolff as well as a salacious story that her husband paid off a porn star to keep quiet about an affair.

The stories have reportedly infuriated the first lady. Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, issued a sharp rebuke to the media last week:


As with everything else the first lady does, both her choice of dress and decision to come alone prompted comments.

Liberal commentators conjectured that Melania Trump’s decision to arrive separately from the president was a gesture of protest towards her husband, against whom she reportedly fumed about the Stormy Daniels controversy.

But according to Grisham, her decision to come alone was motivated by the desire to “[honor] her guests for the true heroes they are.”

The Pantsuit

Then there’s the pantsuit, which some took as a nod to the women’s movement, and maybe even the #Resistance. Photos of her outfit quickly went viral on social media.

White has been a color of choice among women’s rights advocates since the early 20th century. Democratic women wore white to President Trump’s first address to Congress last year in a show of resistance to his presidency.

White pantsuits are also a staple of Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe, of course, which just made things stranger in the eyes of some observers. Others complained that Melania struck a contrast with Democratic women in the chamber, many of whom wore black to show their support for victims of sexual abuse and assault.

It is simply a testament to Melania’s grace and charisma that no matter what she does, people can’t stop talking about her every decision.

If Melania had done everything differently, the left would have found some other way to justify their #Resistance narrative, or to criticize her.

Those who are eager to find meanings in menial things will find symbolism in anything.