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lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Kim Jong Un says he has a nuclear button on his desk to nuke the U.S. mainland

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un made a disturbing admission during his New Year’s Day speech.

Kim claimed that North Korea had full nuclear capabilities, calling them a “reality.” He added that he had the nuclear strike button on his desk as proof.

Happy New Year.

Historic achievement?

Kim claimed Monday during his annual address that North Korea had achieved the historic achievement of “completing” its nuclear forces.

Directing his remarks specifically at the United States, he said, according to a translation provided by The Associated Press:

The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table. The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. … The United States can never start a war against me and our country.

Kim added that the regime wasn’t finished producing and stockpiling weaponry.

“We need to mass-produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and accelerate their deployment,” he said.

The North Korean leader spoke in front of several microphones, but no nuclear button could be discerned in the footage.

Watch the report, via the English language version of EuroNews:

Kim Jong Un warns Unted States: ‘I have a nuclear button on my desk’

North Korean leader declares all of the US mainland is now within range of his country’s nuclear weapons… READ MORE : What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe!

Mounting tensions

Tests initiated by the regime have escalated tensions within the region, and have caused concern in South Korea and Japan — both loyal U.S. allies. Fox News reported:

Pyongyang’s frequent missile launches in 2017, along with its sixth nuclear test, have ratcheted up tensions with the United States. The tests were the focus of fiery back-and-forth arguments between North Korea and President Donald Trump, who has called Kim “Little Rocket Man.”

Olive branch

Kim tempered his saber-rattling with an olive branch, purportedly offered to indicate a desire to improve relations with South Korea. This has been a matter of concern lately, given that South Korea is scheduled to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. He indicated that the games could provide an opportunity for North Korea to send a delegation.

“The Winter Olympic games that will be held soon in the South will be a good opportunity to display the status of the Korean nation and we sincerely wish that the event will be held with good results,” he said.

Given recent defections to the south by North Korean soldiers, it’s doubtful that the regime will ever send a delegation. Its members would also more than likely defect and never return.

“We’ll see”

When asked for comment, President Donald Trump characteristically kept his cards close to his vest.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” he responded when asked while hosting a New Year’s Eve party at his Palm Beach, Fla. Mae-a-Lago estate.

Kim could learn from Trump. If the dictator is to be believed, we now know precisely where the North Korean nuclear button is located — and that’s where we can aim our own arsenal.