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miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

Joe Kennedy’s Career Ended Last Night When He Let His Embarrassing Habit, Um, Slip

After President Trump’s powerful State of the Union address, Democrats were left scrambling.

In keeping with tradition, they were forced to put forward one of their members for a response. Instead of finding one of their members in Congress—like Schumer or Pelosi—they found someone a bit more attractive.

Joe Kennedy— a relative of the fabled Kennedy’s—was picked because of his famous family. Also, he doesn’t look like he’s about to die, like most of the Democrats.

It was clear the left was leaning heavily on appearances, in the hopes of looking youthful and forward-thinking, even if he doesn’t represent the diverse base they are trying to appeal to.

Instead, they were all embarrassed by what Joe was doing during his speech. Now, you may say this is childish, and yes, his socialist policies are much worse than his appearance. But THIS guy was chosen all because of his appearances and his name.

So let’s all say it together: “Ewww…”

From The Wrap:

Many Democrats on Twitter praised Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III on Tuesday for a State of the Union response that was inclusive and impassioned. Republicans said he was literally drooling…

Many on the left said Kennedy, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, did his ancestors proud by appealing to struggling Americans from all walks of life.

But look at the right side of his mouth, said Republicans. That’s spittle!

…The Democratic congressman’s mouth corners appeared especially shiny during his response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address — and many online were quick to accuse him of drooling during his address. The alternative theory was an overzealous application of lip balm.

Uh, right it was lip balm. Because most people smear lip mouth, on the outside of their lips!

I’m not sure what that shiny, liquidly stuff was that was on his mouth. But if it wasn’t drool, we have an entirely different conversation on our hands!

Appearing on TV is hard. You have potentially millions of people watching you. Any little quirk, twitch, or mistake will be seen and re-seen. You can’t mess up. So the fact that his mouth was covered in drool? Not too classy, my boy.

Sadly, this is all people will remember from this moment. They won’t much care about what Kennedy had to say (which was nothing). The Democrats don’t have a platform. All they can do is complain about the President.

Even when they tried to muster up their best—the grandson of Bobby Kennedy—it doesn’t work.

Maybe next time find a non-drooler.

Source: The Wrap

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