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domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

Jesse Jackson’s horrifically racist past resurfaces – and it’s disturbing

Dysfunctional race-baiter and former Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-Ill.) is throwing stones at President Donald Trump for a comment he may have made about certain developing countries — but it seems the reverend is completely blind to his own unnerving history of using hateful rhetoric.

Instances of Jackson’s anti-Semitic and racist remarks are coming to light amid his criticism of the president, including his 2008 assertion that Barack Obama was “talking down to black people,” his claim that he would like to cut off one of Obama’s body parts, and his repeated references of Jews as “Hymies.”

With a history like this, calling Trump racist makes Jackson the ultimate model of hypocrisy.

The reverend’s glass house

After the president allegedly referred to a number of African and Central American nations as “s***hole countries,” Jackson condemned Trump as a racist amid a chorus of criticism leveled at the president. The civil rights leader and expert on racism took his remarks a step further, even calling Trump “a weapon of mass destruction.”

Jackson said of Trump:

Every sign is that he speaks like a racist; he conjures up those fears, categorize him by names does not quite address the issue. His beliefs about calling Africa a s***hole, and Haiti, our ally in the Revolutionary War? Haiti? A source of agriculture for America? Haiti? Rice production, Haiti? Every Firestone tire now in America came from Liberia. Africa? Coffee from Angola going to Haiti? Africa? A misinformed man with power. He’s a weapon of mass destruction.

But Jackson, whose statement reflects at least a rudimentary understanding of history, appears to have forgotten his own past. Responding to the reverend’s recent statement, Daily Wire writer Hank Berrien asked how Jackson was in any position to signal virtue to the president given his own courtship with controversy.

After all, Berrien noted, Jackson is the same figure who lambasted former President Obama in 2008 for saying that black fathers should share more responsibility for the social issues facing the African American community. Jackson disagreed with Obama, saying that he would like to, “cut off his [slang word for male body part]” and adding, “Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling [racial slur] how to behave.”

More controversial comments

In addition to using a pejorative that would have ruined any other politician’s career, in January 1984, Jackson betrayed his anti-Semitic sympathies by referring to Jews as “Hymies” in a discussion with Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman.

Jackson didn’t stop there, however. He called New York City “Hymietown” during the same interview.

The reverend’s latest anti-Trump publicity stunt is reminiscent of a description of Jackson written by Huffington Post contributor Yvette Carnell. After Jackson reduced the relationship between a professional basketball team owner and a superstar basketball player to that of slave and slave owner, Carnell reacted by artfully exposing Jackson’s polarizing brand of hucksterism:

I wouldn’t call it a method as much as it is a formula. Jackson uses benign current events to whip the African American community into some sort of race induced frenzy and then uses the ensuing debate to widen the reach of his personal brand. With each imaginary offense, he regains relevancy by scheduling T.V. spots and radio interviews with drowsy media outlets too lazy to search for a perspective more appropriate to their purpose.

A complete 180

The Daily Wire’s Berrien also pointed out that Jackson’s unmitigated animus for the president represents a complete reversal from the opinion he held for Trump in 1998.

Speaking at a Wall Street conference hosted by his Rainbow Push Coalition, Jackson described the billionaire real estate mogul as a champion of diversity, telling Trump, “We need your building skills, your gusto,” and adding that Trump was a model for “people on Wall Street to represent diversity.”

Jackson provided evidence to back up his flattery, explaining, “When we opened this Wall Street project, he gave us space at 40 Wall Street, which was to make a statement about our having a presence there.”

How the times have changed. When it is no longer in fashion to support the public works that Trump has achieved for the sake of diversity, Jackson goes straight for the jugular.

Hypocritical much?