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domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

Iran says they will not accept any changes to nuclear deal after Trump’s demands

Iranian officials issued a warning to the United States on Saturday after President Trump agreed to renew the 2015 nuclear deal, but threatened to pull out if all parties do not agree to renegotiate the terms.

Iran’s state-run media said the nation “will not accept any change in the deal, neither now or in [the] future,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, tweeted the day prior to the release of this statement that it is the United States, not Iran, that “must bring itself into full compliance” with the nuclear agreement.

“Trump’s policy & today’s announcement amount to desperate attempts to undermine a solid multilateral agreement, maliciously violating its paras 26, 28 & 29. JCPOA [the nuclear deal] is not renegotiable: rather than repeating tired rhetoric, US must bring itself into full compliance -just like Iran [sic],” he tweeted.

Hanging On By A Thread

The Trump administration warned European allies involved in the deal on Friday that they need to work in conjunction with the United States to remove the “sunset clauses” in the deal. These clauses allow Iran to resume its nuclear program in 10 years.

“Many aspects of the Iran deal need to be changed,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters. “There are many activities outside of the Iran deal…that we will continue to sanction.”

These remarks from administration officials come as sanctions have been placed on 14 Iranian officials who have a history of engaging in human rights abuses. Among those sanctioned was judiciary chief Sadegh Amoli Larijani, according to the Examiner.

For their part, Iran has called this move to sanction officials “hostile and illegal.” In its Saturday statement, Iran state media said the United States went “way beyond all internationally accepted behavior red lines” by including the judiciary chief in the sanctions.

“Iran’s response will be severe, and all consequences of this hostile act will be the responsibility of the United States,” the country’s Foreign Ministry said.

Iran Claims Victory

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has claimed victory over the U.S. and Trump.

“It’s been one year since Trump has been trying to kill JCPOA and hasn’t been successful. This means victory of law over dictatorship,” Rouhani said. The Iranian president added:

I am very happy to see that the White House has failed to disrupt international obligations, break loyalty and stand against the resolution of the United Nations Security Council which was the outcome of an agreement among seven countries.

While renegotiations may not yet be slated, Iran may want to think twice about mocking the United States. With just nearly a year in office under his belt, President Trump is just getting started.