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lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Insider: Nancy Pelosi won’t be Speaker of the House even if Democrats win – she’s over

What a way to start 2018 for California Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The California representative was told that she will never be the Speaker of the House again.

That prediction came from the chairman of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in New York State, New York City Councilman Joe Borelli, when he spoke to Fox & Friends on Sunday. “I don’t think Nancy Pelosi will ever be Speaker of the House again, whether [Democrats] win or whether they don’t,” he told the panel.

Pelosi’s a liability

“We saw the writing on the wall with some of their members over the last year saying that she may not be the best thing for their party’s branding,” he said. “And I think we’re going to see that play out in 2018.” Watch below:

Joe Borelli’s 2018 Political Predictions

Joe Borelli’s 2018 Political Predictions

Borelli also predicted that the field of challengers for President Trump would shrink. But it won’t include Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez.

“It’s over Tom”

“The disaster of 2017 is Tom Perez,” he said. “He was supposed to be this uniter, someone who was going to bring together the [former President] Obama wing, the Clinton wing of the party, and a year later we have a party with no message, no unity and no money. It’s over Tom.”

Borelli went on to predict that the Democrat strategy of telling Americans that “we’re all going to die over everything” is going to leave them embarrassed when people start to see more money in their pockets come Feb. 2018.

“Americans are going to see real dollars come February, $50, $60, $100 in their bank accounts and they’re going to realize that everything the Democrats have told them for the last three months was for naught,” he said.

Good news for Republicans

He had more good news for Republicans as he envisioned the party gaining at least one seat in the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections.

“They’re going to end the year with one more senator than what they’re starting with,” he said. “They’re going to go into 2018 with 51 seats and I think whether it’s [Indiana Sen. Joe] Donnelly, or [Missouri Sen. Claire] McCaskill or [West Virginia Sen. Joe] Manchin, one of them is definitely going to hear ‘you’re fired’ by their constituents.”

Borelli also said that Obamacare would finally be repealed and replaced because the elimination of the individual mandate, which was done in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is the “death knell” for the program.

“Republicans are going to have to put their big boy pants on and whether it’s a full repeal, or a replacement that sounds like a repeal, or a legitimate repeal and replace, they’re going to do something about it,” he said.

And if his predictions ring true in the new year it will be a tough one for Pelosi and the Democrats.