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miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

Ignore the media: New poll shows Republicans like the direction Trump is taking America

In the media’s version of Trump’s America, the sky is falling and the 45th president is embattled by ever-declining ratings with his base.

However, a new Gallup poll shows that Republicans are happier than ever with President Trump and the direction in which the country is moving. Approval among independents is also up.

Meanwhile, Democrats’ approval of the Trump presidency has bottomed out at 7 percent.

Republicans happy with Trump

61 percent of Republican voters are happy with where the country is headed, according to a new Gallup poll released last week. These ratings put GOP approval at its highest level since February 2007.

The new, higher ratings follow a year of flagging confidence among GOP voters resulting from legislative logjams and an administration setback by obstruction, notes poll analyst Justin McCarthy. Republicans’ approval reached a low of 38 percent in October before rebounding in the final quarter amid a tax cut victory and news that ISIS had been all but routed from Iraq and Syria.

Independents are also happier with the country’s direction. 31 percent now have a positive view of Trump’s leadership, up from a low of 20 percent in October of 2017.

More independents, 38 percent, said they were very dissatisfied than very satisfied, a mere 7 percent. But McCarthy notes that Americans over the past decade have been most likely to say they are very dissatisfied and least likely to say they are very satisfied, pointing to widespread polarization and a general decline in trust among the electorate.

The survey, completed from January 2 to January 7, was taken shortly after Trump signed into law tax legislation that will leave all Americans with more money in their pockets this year.

It also came a few days before Trump reportedly described Haiti and several African nations as “shithole countries,” igniting a firestorm of outrage on the left.

Deep divide

Whereas almost 25 percent of Republicans say they are “very satisfied” with where the country is heading under Trump, less than half of 1 percent of Democrats feel the same. 68 percent of Democrats are “very dissatisfied.”

Overall, 7 percent of Democrats are happy with where things are headed, the lowest score among Democrats since Trump took office. Democrats’ approval had previously ranged from 9 to 16 percent.

Why is there such a strong divide?

Over and above the fact that Trump is a Republican, many Democrats are looped into a feedback machine of anti-Trump propaganda from the liberal media. It isn’t a stretch to say that Republicans and Democrats are increasingly living in two different worlds, where the same facts yield wildly different conclusions.

Poll shows impact of media bias

Could it be that independents, by virtue of thinking for themselves and filtering out left-leaning media bias, are more open to recognizing the achievements of Trump’s first year in office than Democrats?

That’s how Michael Johns, president and executive director of Tea Party Community, sees it.

“It’s also very much a product of the fact that people of the far-Left persuasion have fallen into the habit of reading self-fulfilling outlets that have berated Trump,” he said.

Democrats watching media coverage hostile to Trump will inevitably end up with a less sanguine view of where the country is going, he said.

“They really haven’t been exposed to the objective metrics of the direction of the country,” he said.

29 percent of Americans overall are happy with where America is headed. That number has fluctuated from a low of 21 percent to a high of 32 percent.

The divide between Republicans and Democrats is likely to grow – but it won’t stop Trump supporters from seeing the president’s successes for what they are.