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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

Georgetown professor resigns after wishing “MeToo” moment on conservative woman

You can’t make up a story like this.

A Georgetown University adviser resigned after wishing that a conservative commentator would be sexually abused so she “wouldn’t be so insensitive” about #MeToo.

Why do leftists claim to respect women, only to attack women they disagree with?

#MeToo row nixes adviser

Jeffrey Bernstein was Master of Foreign Service advisory board member at Georgetown before he attacked former Blaze TV host and founder of the Conservative Millennial, Allie Stuckey, on Twitter.

“Wishing you a #metoo moment. Maybe then you wouldn’t be so insensitive,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Bernstein posted the offensive comment after Stuckey tweeted that #MeToo was a “symptom of a broken world”.  Stuckey told Campus Reform that she meant that the world was “sinful.”

“I simply said that we live in a broken (sinful) world, and sexual assault and harassment is symptomatic of that brokenness,” she said. “He responds with a wish that I have my own #metoo moment. I took that, obviously, to mean he hopes I get assaulted so that I ‘learn my lesson.’”

She apprised the university of Bernstein’s hostile comment:

“Someone on your MSFS board just told me he hopes I get sexually harassed or assaulted…Is this the kind of standard your university holds for your advisers?” she wrote.

Allie Beth Stuckey on Twitter

Hi @Georgetown — someone on your MSFS board just told me he hopes I get sexually harassed or assaulted. Is this the kind of standard your university holds for your advisors?

Georgetown Dean Joel Hellman announced in a press release on Monday that Bernstein had resigned.

“We appreciate Mr. Bernstein’s efforts to apologize for recent comments deeply inconsistent with our values and mission and have accepted his resignation from the MSFS Board of Advisers,” Hellman said. “MSFS will continue its dedication to preparing women and men for leadership roles in global affairs.”


Bernstein also lost his job at an equity advisory firm, Solesbury Capital. A company spokesperson told the Hoya, Georgetown’s university newspaper, that they decided to let him go after reviewing Bernstein’s comment.

“Based on that review, we promptly terminated his employment with Solebury,” the spokesperson told The Hoya.

Bernstein finally apologized on Twitter after an exchange with Stuckey, insisting that he would never wish harm on anyone.

Jeff Bernstein on Twitter: “@conservmillen I apologize. I shouldn’t h…

I apologize. I shouldn’t have said that. I thought you were implying that the fact that this moment is happening meant that the world was not functioning properly, similar to how you have minimized the terrible things Trump has said/done. I would never wish harm on anyone.

In a moment of tone-deafness, he then criticized Stuckey for making insensitive comments about women.

“I meant you need to have a moment of truth Allie,” he wrote. “You have continued to make insensitive comments about refugees; immigrants; pro-choice; people of color; women.”

He deleted his Twitter account.

“I apologize for making a stupid and insensitive comment. I would never wish harm on anyone and apologized to Allie repeatedly,” Bernstein told Campus Reform. “I feel terribly. I have been a continuous voice against gender bias. As a father of three, I am embarrassed and this is a lesson for me that words have power.”

Stuckey told Campus Reform she thinks Bernstein only apologized after “after being dragged through the mud.”

This isn’t the first time a leftist academic has gotten in trouble for saying offensive, inane things on Twitter. This is what happens when leftists forget that the world is not their echo chamber.