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jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

George Soros spends record-breaking amount of cash to fight Trump

Shadowy, ultra-leftist billionaire George Soros has not been seen in public often, but his influence (and cash) are omnipresent, fostering globalism and the death of liberty in countries all over the world — including the United States.

Soros’ Open Society Policy Center says that it spent a record-breaking $16 million on lobbying in 2017 — much of it to fight President Donald Trump and his agenda in his first year of office.

So Much Money…For What?

The Open Society Policy Center is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is known for both its domestic and international advocacy efforts.

In 2015, the Center brought in $17 million in donations, and the Washington Free Beacon reports that between 2002 and 2012, the policy center spent a little over $19 million lobbying Congress and various agencies.

But this average of $1.9 million spent per year on lobbying efforts was dwarfed by the spending in Trump’s first year of presidency; the Center broke its own records, spending over $16 million on lobbying in 2017.

Policy Center spokesman Jonathan Kaplan attributes this rise in lobbying funding to a shift in the Center’s priorities.

Kaplan told the Free Beacon:

We make different grants each year depending on what is happening in Congress and there was a lot going in 2017: protecting immigrants and refugees, preserving fairness in the tax code, advocating for criminal justice reform, pressing for disaster relief for Puerto Rico, and promoting a progressive U.S. foreign policy.

Hands in the Global Pie

But changes in U.S. legislation are not the only thing on the Center’s agenda. Foreign countries feel the weight of Soros’ influence, as well — and they don’t like it.

In 2017, Hungary approved a law targeting foreign non-government organizations (NGOs), like Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), which the country says could “threaten the country’s political and economic interests and interfere with the functioning of its institutions.” Hungarian legislators have more recently drafted a policy known as “Stop Soros” that is reportedly cracking down specifically on supporters of mass immigration and globalism, including OSF.

Soros has not been deterred, however, and has furthered his goal of obtaining more of a foothold in European politics.

In Ireland, a country that has a constitutional prohibition against abortion, Soros’ organizations have donated to pro-abortion groups like the Irish Family Planning Association. In addition, they’ve lobbied to help change Ireland’s constitution to allow abortion on demand — a position the deeply Catholic country isn’t interested in adopting.

It seems nothing can dissuade Soros from sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. And with millions of dollars in lobbying against Trump and under nationalist leaders under his belt, it doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon.