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domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

Democrat Eliot Spitzer caught on tape threatening to murder a woman

Democrat and former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been accused of a horrid crime. And it stems from the affair he had with a Russian prostitute that led to him leaving office in disgrace.

Move over Trump-Russia Dossier, there’s an actual Russian escort scandal, and — of course — it involves a Democrat. In addition to his foreign sexual escapades, Eliot Spitzer apparently threatened to murder a prostitute who exposed the details of their affair.

A Life On The Line

Alongside her attorney, Svetlana Zakharova Travis, Spitzer’s paid-for companion, met with the New York Police Department (NYPD) last week with evidence demonstrating that the former governor threatened to kill her. The evidence, an 18-second recording she discovered after she was released from prison on extortion charges, allegedly showed Spitzer threatening Travis, the New York Daily News reported.

“You [censored]. You piece of [censored]. And then you [censored] destroy my life!” the man on the audio tape, who was identified by Travis’ attorney Joseph Murray as Spitzer, said.

Spitzer continued:

You know what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to be [censored] dead.

You’re going to die a slow, painful death and your family is going to look at you and laugh because you’re a [censored].

The phone call, which is from February 2016, has prompted police to investigate the case as a possible aggravated harassment.

“We met with these detectives today and they’ve assured us that we’ll receive a full and fair investigation,” Murray told the Daily News.

The Call Came After Alleged Assault

The abusive phone call reportedly came just days after Travis accused Spitzer of choking her at a New York hotel on Feb. 13, 2016, according to the Daily News, though Spitzer has repeatedly denied these allegations.

Still, while the “call allegedly transpired while Travis was in Russia,” according to the Daily News, “authorities are now investigating the authenticity of the clip — from a speaker-phone chat — and the circumstances surrounding the recording.”

“The original and full recording of Eliot Spitzer’s death threat to my client is contained on my client’s iPad, which has been in police custody since October of 2016,” Murray said, adding that the district attorney refused to take his client seriously when she said she was being threatened. “The Bronx District Attorney’s Office either knew, or reasonably should have known of its existence as well as other recorded death threats made by Eliot Spitzer, even before I entered the case to defend Ms. Travis.”

For his part, Spitzer says that Travis wants to destroy him for money.

“This is a woman who has been extorting Mr. Spitzer and his family for years. The record in her criminal case speaks for itself,” Spitzer’s attorney, Adam Kaufmann, told the Daily News.

That could be the case — but it does not explain the disgusting voice recording with threats to her life. Hopefully, Spitzer will soon be served justice for his crimes.